WHEN your husband is a Hollywood movie star and you’re living a life of luxury in New York, how else do you celebrate your 30th birthday than flying to four concerts in four cities in four days.

That’s exactly how Lara Worthington saw in her fourth decade last month after husband Sam, 40, arranged for a surprise around-the-world trip for his glamorous wife, leaving their two children with Worthington’s mum Sharon for the week.

The rare tell-all about the romantic getaway flies in the face of recent split rumours that have dogged the couple in recent months.

The interview emerged just days after the pair put up a united front on the red carpet for the world premiere of Sam’s new film Manhunt: Unabomber in New York.

In the interview with Elle Australia, Worthington spilt details on her intensely private husband’s grand gesture, giving a rare insight into the reclusive Aussie actor’s romantic ways.

“I spent my recent 30th birthday at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland," Worthington told the mag. ”I’ve wanted to do the spa experience there for a long time so it was super sweet of him.”

The couple then took off for a whirlwind concert jaunt around the world, no doubt flying via private jet.

“We flew to Ireland and saw Radiohead,” she added, “to Brussels the next morning for Coldplay, and then to London where he took me to Royal Ascot — because he knows I like getting dressed up — and Ed Sheeran that night.

“The last concert was U2 in Toronto. At the end of each day I would get a T-shirt revealing the band I was seeing the next night. It was crazy but so much fun. It took him six months to organise.”

Sandilands called “bulls**t” on the remark, adding sarcastically, “We’re not rich, we’ve just got the biggest movie franchise in the world and our own make-up company.”

Worthington also opened up in the magazine interview about why she doesn’t respond to media reports about her personal life anymore.

“Over the past few years I’ve realised that I find more comfort in keeping quiet.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 25 July 2017