Lara Worthington has landed in Sydney dressed in a glamorous beige overcoat — but it was the model’s newest baby Racer, who stole the spotlight.

Racer is the second child for Lara and her husband Sam Worthington, who had their first child, Rocket Zot, in March 2015.

The five-month-old wore a blue onesie, grey socks and a knitted white beanie as he was cradled by his celebrity mother through the arrivals terminal this morning.

Lara, wearing an overcoat and jeans with a simple wedding band, showed off her son to waiting camera crews after a long flight with the tot.

The blonde travelled with Racer but Worthington and Rocket were not pictured with her at the airport.

Lara welcomed her second child in October last year and only revealed details of her second baby in Harper’s Bazaar magazine last month.

Based in New York, Lara made headlines after jumping to the defence of her first child Rocket Zot’s name — after speculation circulated among Australian media that it was actually fake.

“My son’s middle name IS a respectful nod to my late father, whose nickname was affectionately, Zot,” Bingle wrote on social media at the time.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 4th June 2017