Lara Worthington’s son Rocket Zot has just turned one but the wife of Hollywood hunk Sam is not ready to call it quits yet.

The glowing mum was on telling Sonia Kruger and Ben Fordham that becoming a parent was a major milestone in her life.

“There is nothing that really sets you upLara or prepares you for motherhood and then when it happens it is something that you just can’t compare,” Lara said.

“Rocket is the light of my life and I am just really happy to be a new mum.”

Since meeting Sam and having an altercation with a paparazzi the Worthingtons have kept a low profile even managing to stay under the radar for their wedding.

Lara spoke of her desire to take a step back from public life.

“I think with my life now and now that I have had rocket I am really big on the privacy thing,” she said.

“I was very young, I was very young (when) I grew up in the spotlight (but) people do change and once you have a family (privacy becomes more important).”

A clearly smitten Worthington gushed about her little boy and was proud to declare that he first walked at 10 months of age.

Lara refused to say whether her family would be moving back to Australia to live any time soon though.

“We do travel a lot and I feel like wherever our family is and being together is the most important thing,” she said.

“Places are all the same to me at the moment until we really anchor down.”

The big question of whether she would have more babies was emphatic yet evasive.

“I would love to have more children ... definitely ... in the future,” she said.

Lara was not saying when or if there was a timeline planned though.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 3rd May 2016