Lara Worthington has another big buff man in her life.

The mother-of-one is known to maintain her enviable physique via a pilates regimen and training outdoors, but she’s turned it up a notch with her new trainer, Rodney Johnson.

Unlike her previous trainer Michael Ryan — who is best known for working with Hugh Jackman — the self-described “fitness consultant, wellness coach, broadcast and print journalist” is not a celebrity PT.

Speaking to Beauticate, the model explained her workout regimen with the Atlanta-based Johnson, who she met through her husband.

“He was Sam’s trainer. My routine is all mat work. Lots of sit-ups and leg lifts at high repetition at a low weight, no more than five kilos.

“Sometimes when I’m in hotels I just use the gym and that’s all I’d really use, just five kilos and a towel.

“ I also have a leg routine, lots of dog lifts, kick backs, just all core and body work. I do it most days,” The Base by LB founder explained.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 7th February 2016