Lara Bingle is busy launching her brand of beauty and skin products, The Base, in Sydney this week. However, it looks like Bingle has bigger plans for the brand, confirming with POPSUGAR Australia that she intends to extend The Base's offering in 2015 with the launch of The Base swimwear.

"I've started doing some swimwear for The Base," Lara announced, adding, "I've just started the whole process of designing the collection."

Bingle fans won't be able to wear the model-turned-designer's bikini brand this Summer, with Lara confirming she is still a while off from launching the collection: "It's going to come out next Summer, and it will all be under The Base brand," she said.

This isn't the first time Lara has put her famous face and name to a swimwear brand. She collaborated in 2013 with Cotton On Body to launch a collection of separate swimpieces, made to mix-and-match. "I wore a lot of my Cotton On stuff, mostly the black and white pieces," Lara said, admitting she is considering keeping to an aesthetic that is similarly simple and minimalist within her new line: "I've started designing the first six pieces of swimwear, and they're all black," she said.

"I've always loved black, obviously you can't go wrong, but I think the construction and the material is also really important when designing swimear," Bingle began, adding, "I think the fit, definitely the material, the quality of the swimwear, and the construction is all important when finding flattering swimwear. You must know your own body, because everyone's different."

While we will likely still have a little while to wait until we get a first glimpse at the collection, Lara Bingle does deliver the beach babe shots all the time on her Instagram. So, keep scrolling to let Australia's ultimate Summer style-setter inspire your Summer.

Source: POPSUGAR Australia
Published Date: 19th November 2014