She’s always been a trendsetter, but the Bingle Bob is going berserk.

Lara Bingle chopped off her famous blonde locks a little over a month ago, debuting the finished product to her some 360,000 followers on Instagram.

Unsurprisingly, the super short ‘do has had a profound effect on Aussie women wanting to replicate the look and chop off their own tresses.

Celebrity hairstylist Travis Balcke of Valonz salon, who is responsible for chopping Bingle’s mane back in May, says the ‘Lara look’ is so popular simply because she wears it with so much confidence.

“I talked to Lara about cutting her hair short for an upcoming magazine cover,” Balcke tells news.com.au.

“We talked about the length we would like to go together. She’s had her hair short in the past but not as short as we took it. I talked to her about how this look would make her face stronger and open up her face and neck area, making her look youthful, strong and modern.”

Balcke has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett but says Bingle is “one of the most beautiful women I work with. Her beauty comes from within and she has a great sense of who she is and that’s what’s attractive.

“Her style is always changing and exploring. It’s exciting to watch.”

Style commentator for news.com.au Melissa Hoyer says it’s the best bob she has seen in a while and the temptation to go short is “definitely there”.

“Lara may be (cough cough) quite a few years younger than me, but I am so tempted to go the chop too,” said the long hair aficionado.

“It just looks so fresh, easy and incredibly sexy. But will it suit everyone and would it be hard to maintain? They’re always my two big questions.”

Fans have been madly liking the candid snap the 26-year-old model posted Wednesday night from an event in Sydney, with many commenting that they’re planning to brave the chop, just like Lara.

Studio 10 co-host Sarah Harris re-posted the photo, captioning it: “I want @mslarabingle’s hair.”

Bingle might not be the first celebrity to don the stylish bob, but there’s something about this Aussie bird that makes women want to run out and buy the latest product she puts her name to.

Source: News.com.au
Published Date: 3rd July 2014