Whether she's spotted bicycling around in cutoffs and cherry-red oxfords or looking like a total bombshell as the spokesmodel for a new campaign, Lara Bingle never fails to be herself. As the face for Cotton On, a just-launched swimsuit and underwear collaboration — oh, and did we mention Sam Worthington's her serious beau — Bingle's basically got stardom written across her forehead.

And, while it would be easy to scoff at her with secret envy, her candid, relatable, and straight-up cool nature makes it impossible for us to be anything but smitten. Ahead, we chat with the Aussie model about how to master her pitch-perfect style, the essentials every closet needs, and, yes, a little on her hot boyfriend as well.

Describe your style in five words or less.
"Don't even think twice about it."

Sure, but for those of us who have to think about it a little bit, what are the essential components to mastering your laid-back, quintessential Aussie style?
"Less is more in everything. I travel a lot, so I feel like I have perfected a style that suits my travelling wardrobe. I have a suitcase that pretty much stays packed. I'll often wear the same things each time I travel: A lot of black [basics], and then a couple of Balenciaga skirts, a Balmain blazer — I really appreciate the importance of those key investment pieces."

How much has growing up in Sydney influenced your style?
"I get so inspired by my friends, and girls around town who know how to put an outfit together — and my brothers' girlfriends. Sydney style is very laid-back — an easy-yet-chic elegance. That simplicity is often the foundation for my wardrobe choices."

Having spent a lot of time in L.A. over the years, how does the fashion here stack up against your hometown?
"To me, there are so many similarities between L.A. and Sydney — the beaches, carefree attitudes, and how overall the lifestyle translates into what people wear every day. Both cities are always so on-trend. "

You and your boyfriend Sam [Worthington] always look so chic and well coordinated (without ever looking too matchy). Since you started dating, do you think your sense of style has influenced the way he dresses at all?
"Thank you! I love fashion and I always have. I'm constantly inspired by Australian and international designers, and the people I meet in my travels. I'm flattered that some of that may have rubbed off on Sam — although he may debate that! I think he has great taste though. Spending a lot of time with someone often leads to similarities in the way you dress!"

I love how open and completely yourself you always seem. How do you distinguish between what parts of your life you don't mind being public knowledge versus the parts you'd really like to keep private?
"I try and stay true to myself and embrace the opportunities that come my way. I think it's important to run your own race, and try and live your personal and professional life to the fullest — and in a non-censored way. I do feel like my personal life and relationships are something that is sacred and, for the most part, something that I want to keep as close to my heart as possible — although that's sometimes hard to maintain!"

Source: Refinery 29
Published Date: 6th June 2014