She's made a living out of courting controversy, but Lara Bingle says she's finally over the drama and wants to move away from Australia.

The Aussie model, who just yesterday took a hit from Kyly Boldy, the wife of her former fiance Michael Clarke, has revealed she's ready to pack her bags and head overseas with current boyfriend Sam Worthington.

"Sydney's my home but I don't like it," she reportedly told a Woman's Day photographer last week. "I can't even go to the supermarket without getting papped [snapped by paparazzi]. I don't like the attention.

"Sam hates it," the 26-year-old adds. "We don't get any peace."

The potential move away from her home country is ironic, given the bikini-clad beauty was made famous by the "Where the bloody hell are you?" tourism campaign back in 2006.

Bingle's privacy complaints come as a surprise as the avid social media user regularly posts intimate shots of herself and Worthington, 37, on Instagram.

Until recently, Bingle seemed to have made peace with the paparazzi, accepting they were part of her job and even using them to make money.

In 2011, Bingle reportedly struck a deal with photo agency Big Pictures to profit from sales of paparazzi photos of herself.

"They're outside my house most days," she told at the time.

"I used to get frustrated but now I understand that I have a job, they have a job, and it's just that. Now when I'm launching something I kind of need everyone to come together. Everyone has a job and everyone works together. As much as I get frustrated and embarrassed I just have to suck it up I guess."

And who could forget the 2012 reality show Being Lara Bingle, where TV cameras followed her every move around the clock?

But it seems the blonde beauty has finally had enough. Or perhaps she's decided to put love before fame.

Published Date: 13th January 2014