Lara Bingle has savaged a gossip magazine of photoshopping pictures of her in a bikini to add cellulite to her thighs.

The Aussie model also criticised Famous magazine for reporting that she had wed actor beau, Sam Worthington, in "secret island nuptials".

Bingle last night tweeted that the latest edition of magazine had reused photos published "a few months ago" in rival celebrity magazine Who, showing the model on a boat in a scanty black bikini, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses with silky smooth thighs.

The model posted the Who photo on Twitter next to the Famous cover, which boasts that the photos were "exclusive", with the caption "SAME DAY. DIFFERENT MAGAZINE."

— Lara Bingle (@MsLaraBingle) November 25, 2013

Both publications are owned by Pacific Magazines.

Famous quickly leapt to defend itself, tweeting "Our pics are legit. No photoshop."

But Bingle didn't buy the magazine's defence, sniping back:

Perpetuating self doubt in all women in the name of making a quick buck. Sickening. Same day different…
— Lara Bingle (@MsLaraBingle) November 25, 2013

She had earlier dubbed the magazine "a disgrace" and rejected its report that she and Worthington had "married in the Mediterranean" after dating just 10 weeks.

"ALSO I AM NOT MARRIED," she posted.

Former model Charlotte Dawson tweeted her support for Bingle, writing: "please try not to let this bother you in what seems to be the happiest time for you x much love x".

The Great Gatsby actor Brendan Maclean posted that Famous was a "horrible magazine" in response to Bingle's rant.

Source: The Courier-Mail
Published Date: 26th November 2013