'My boyfriend and I play cards for money!' Lara Bingle laughs about spending her winnings on a Balmain jacket. She's launched her new swimwear line with Cotton On Body, and says she's taking to her new design and ambassador role with ease. If ever it's great being Lara Bingle, it's right now. Apart from her sell-out swimear debut, the Bondi blonde is already working on a lingerie line, beauty product range and there's that A-list boyfriend on her arm.

But her CV and relationship status aside, Lara Bingle's style is equally covetable. The queen of modern minimalism, her wardrobe is clean, modern, always on-trend (and sometimes grunge) — today, she's wearing a grey shell Bassike top and skirt with stacked Amber Sceats jewellery — and Dior pointy pumps to polish it off.

We caught up with Lara to chat about her new swimwear line, love interest and what she's lusting for Christmas. Take a look!

On the reaction to her new swim line: We’re selling out! I want to give my friends some but I haven’t even been able to do that yet! It’s because they’re separates. We need it in Australia [the affordable prices], everything else is so expensive.

On her favourite pieces in the collection: I think the leopard is my favourite print. It took me a long time to find that. There were so many times it came back and I went no, no, no. Especially when you have it at that price point, you need to make sure it’s right. I mean, I’m a basics person so I wanted to make sure there’s the black, white, the black and white. Also the neoprene, which I didn’t expect to turn out the way it did. It turned out so well.

On designing for Cotton On Body: I didn’t want to have my name on the zipper, and they we’re like ‘you have it on there’ and then they just went and did it. I didn’t even want my name on the back, and they were like ‘you have to have something, it’s your line!’

What she wears to the beach: I do love one pieces. I’ve fallen more in love with them over the years. I’ve designed mine to be more like Baywatch — it’s the ultimate one piece, just really simple. This is kind of the basic, foundation styles and then I’m going to add some more in over time and grow the collection bigger and bigger.

On adding more to the collection: I just finished all the new prints for the next one — they’re totally different: insects, flowers. There’s this iceberg print that comes out in a few weeks. That’s the best one out of all of them I think. It’s a photo I took at the restaurant [Icebergs Restaurant in Bondi Beach] and it’s a reflection of both North and South [Bondi], so you can see it all on the one piece. It’s really very pretty.

The last thing she bought: Well my boyfriend (Sam Worthington) and I play cards — for money [laughs] — I’m very competitive. Anyway, I have a Lara Bingle Foundation of what I buy with the winnings, because I always win. So I bought a Balmain jacket from Net-a-Porter with my winnings and it was delivered to the office yesterday, yay! I just like those classic jackets.

The woman's wardrobe she would most like to steal: I think Diane Kruger. She always gets it right. She’s not too in your face.

The first thing she packs when travelling: My Nikes.

Lara's Christmas wish list: It’s crazy that it’s Christmas already. I just want time! Time to spend with my family and friends. I like to buy things for other people — I can go all out — but I don’t know about myself.

What she's buying family and friends for Christmas: My brother wants money towards a holiday. My brother is out of control [laughs]. My mum, for her birthday I bought her a little Cartier bracelet — the same as mine. Some things are inexpensive, some more expensive.

On shopping online: I never shop online! I always shop when I’m travelling. That Balmain jacket was the first thing I bought from Net-a-Porter and I was like wow, it comes in a box. But there’s something about trying things on that is never going to get old.

On her personal style: Sometimes I work with [stylist] Marina Afonina — about 50/50 me and her.

What else she's working on: Lingerie! That’s my favourite with Cotton On Body. It’s all basics, kind of similar to Bonds, but it’s a massive collection. I launch in March, it’s all designed and done. I’m doing this product line as well, on my own [not with Cotton On]. . . and a few other things.

Check out the Lara Bingle for Cotton On Body swimwear collection here.

Source: Popsugar Australia
Published Date: 8th November 2013