All those cold-pressed juices and tough workouts seem to have paid off for Lara Bingle with the model and television personality displaying a sizzling hot body during a bikini shoot on a beach north of Noosa.

In fact she simply looked hotter than she has in years.
Bingle was so confident in her body that she managed to change from a skimpy leopard print bikini to an electric blue two-piece in full view of the crew.

In fact for a few minutes, the 26-year-old went topless. She clearly had no need of the services of a honey wagon.

The bikini shoot was for a major fashion chain and the swimmers were designed by the model herself. This is all part of her plan to empower women of all sizes with the soon-to-be-released budget range of signature swimwear and underwear.

"To have my own swimwear and underwear range has been a dream. It's a fun, exciting project," Bingle recently told Confidential, adding that she believes that her designs are "commercial, accessible and wearable".

Bikinis will be priced from $30.

"I'm a big believer in empowering women with curves of all sizes," she said. "One of the most talked-about issues is body shape and weight for young girls. My body is talked about a lot.

"I think it's really important to keep putting it out the message that people should get active and be healthy. You need that balance in your life."

Whether she needs that balance or not, Bingle has adhered to a pretty strict diet lately which has included recently taking her own juicer to the snow where she was a guest at a boozy A-list weekend. Her excuse for not drinking was that she was preparing for a special bikini shoot.

She has also been taking part in rigorous beach workouts with her buddy, Lauryn Eagle.

Meanwhile the new look Bingle, who has battled with her weight several times in the past, has declared that she is single and fancy free again having recently split with her latest boyfriend, American DJ Nick Cohen.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Image Source: Matrix Media
Published Date: 24th August 2013