Model Lara Bingle plans to empower women of all sizes with a soon-to-be-released budget range of signature swimwear and underwear.

Bingle, who designed the range with a major retail chain, told Confidential: "To have my own swimwear and underwear range has been a dream. It's a fun, exciting project."

Bingle said her designs are commercial, accessible and wearable. Bikinis will be priced from $30.

"I'm a big believer in empowering women with curves of all sizes," she said. "One of the most talked about issues is body shape and weight for young girls. My body is talked about a lot. I think it's really important to keep putting it out the message that people should get active and be healthy. You need that balance in your life."

Bingle is similarly even-keeled about her much maligned reality show Being Lara Bingle. "Everything in life is an experience. I don't regret it for a second."

Source: Sydney Confidential - The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 2nd August 2013