What was Lara Bingle thinking when she got behind the wheel of her now infamous black Mercedes G350?

The car was parked but seeing the model and reality TV star behind the wheel was rather unexpected given she's been banned from driving until September 17 after a series of misdemeanors.

Last year alone, she was busted six times for speeding.

The controversial Bingle admitted to Confidential she'd been in the driver's seat but denied she'd driven her Merc through Double Bay where these shots were taken.

Bingle, 25, said she was simply "minding" the car while she waited for a friend.

"I slid over from the passenger seat to look after the car," she said yesterday. "I have an arrangement with a car service, Uber, who support my transportation needs so of course I wouldn't be driving."

So what freaked Bingle when she saw a photographer capturing her movements?

And coincidentally, a friend arrived moments later in a silver Maserati to pick her up.

Either way, we're glad she wasn't driving because it could have landed her some serious jail time.

Bingle last appeared in Waverley Court on September 18, 2012, before Magistrate Robbie Williams after being busted driving on a suspended licence. She pleaded guilty, was fined $3749, disqualified from driving for 12 months and placed on an 18-month good behaviour bond.

She is not allowed back behind the wheel until September 17.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph
Published Date: 9th June 2013