Lara Bingle's girl crushes are clearly a wonder to behold.

The former reality star, model and businesswoman forms attachments to her female buddies that first appear to be set in concrete before they very slowly disintegrate.

In fact, they might as well have been built on the sands of Elouera beach.

"Lara changes besties like she does lip colour - it's hard to keep up really," commented one social observer.

Her new bestie is a quirky, platinum-haired artist/fashion designer, Vicki Lee.

The former student of posh, eastern suburbs private school Kambala, Lee and Bingle have become inseparable over the past nine months. Lee has become the new Hermione Underwood in Bingle's life - the blonde publicist who was almost her twin.

During her recent trip to New York, where she attended current boyfriend DJ Nick Cohen's brother's wedding, Bingle was positively pining for Lee, counting down the hours until they were together again, tweeting "Next 20 something hours ... see you on the other side @VickiLee".

Bingle, 25, even cut short another New York trip to attend the launch of Lee and her boyfriend Ted O'Donnell's exhibition IS/WET in Alexandria in March.

She tweeted to the couple "I am so proud of you".

All very lovely, but how long will it last?

Unfortunately, when it comes to her female besties, Bingle might as well have taken a leaf from the Paris Hilton guide to BFFs. Hot today, tepid tomorrow.

Hilton famously moves on fast from her friends, who have included everyone from Nicole Richie to Kim Kardashian.

Bingle fans will recognise Lee from the picture of her meeting Lara at the airport on May 30. Bingle threw her ams around the designer as if she had just returned from a spell in the deepest Congo and not from New York. While she was away, the two Skyped each other just to stay in touch.

It's the sort of behaviour pattern most usually seen in teenage girls, but then one of Bingle's best attributes is her sunny, playful manner.

Was it just so long ago that Bingle's bestie was Underwood, whom she met back in 2007 on a flight to LA?

PR and party girl Underwood became a mini celebrity herself when Bingle turned to her during her 2010 break-up with fiance Michael Clarke. They were inseparable, along with Bingle's other bestie, make-up artist Max May.

Quickly promoted to Bingle's manager, it was Underwood who had a major role in her 2012 Channel 10 reality series Being Lara Bingle. But when the professional relationship fell apart during the filming of the series, so did the personal one.

The two blondes now see each other only occasionally, and in the company of Lee.

Prior to Lee there was Christine Centenera, the-then fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar, who turned Bingle around style-wise and started dressing her in Louis Vuitton.

Centenera, now senior fashion editor at Vogue, sent Bingle's career soaring with her makeover, but as fast as their friendship blossomed, it quickly faded from sight, as did Bingle's styling.

Perhaps Bingle becomes clingy with her besties because she was sister-deprived, having only had one brother, Josh.

Or perhaps she keeps her buddies tight after leaving school early, because of her successful modelling career. I imagine there was some jealousy from her schoolmates.

Either way, with the men in her life stepping into a constantly-revolving door, it is her close female friends that are the most constant.

At least for a while.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph
Published Date: 9th June 2013