Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Bingle. A Bingle on a plane.

Model and reality TV star Lara Bingle has turned death-defying stuntwoman, wing walking atop a 1920s British biplane as it soared above Sydney Harbour.

The brave 25-year-old performed a series of graceful poses as the plane swooped and dipped over the city after getting tips from the world's only aerobatic wing walking team, the Breitling Daredevils.

"Initially I thought it was going to be a lot slower and lots of gliding but the force of it was really intense; I could hardly move my legs," Bingle said after the 30-minute joyride.

"It was amazing, but so full on. It feels like I've had a facelift."

The swimsuit model was chosen by luxury watch brand Breitling to do the stunt, thanks to her reputation as a thrillseeker and lover of extreme sports such as heli-boarding and skydiving.

"We wanted to find an iconic Australian female who would be up to the challenge of standing on the wing of a plane, and Lara was the perfect fit," said Breitling's Christopher Leigh.

Bingle said her lingerie collection had been picked up by a major retailer and will be in stores this September.

Source: The Australian
Image: Courtesy Twitter
Published Date: 10th March 2013