Lara Bingle silences the rumours and confirms to OK! she’s single and taking control of her life!

Speculation about Lara’s relationship status has been doing the rounds for weeks now. Wearing a ring on her wedding finger spurred engagement rumours, while intimate Instagram pics of her with Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers told another story.

OK! can now confirm that Lara is single, after splitting from her fashion designer boyfriend, Gareth Moody, 35, late last year. The decision to break up with the man she says taught her to bring balance into her life is not one the model, TV personality and underwear designer took lightly, but she believes it was the right one given their lives were going in different directions.

Lara, there’s a lot of talk about your love-life – can you set the record straight?
I’m not with anyone. Gareth and I broke up just before New Year. It was a long time coming. He lives his life differently to me and he found my life very full-on and couldn’t embrace it.

How did that affect you?
Every day, I was feeling down a little bit and I was always trying to dumb down my life. He told me I needed do things other than modelling and my work. It made me realise maybe I should have other interests, but also that I love what I do. We tried to make it work, but we’re on different pages.

Would you say there was jealousy?
No, he’s in the industry too, but doesn’t want to do anything in the spotlight – which is fine, but life has always been like this for me and I didn’t see that I needed to change it. We were forever pulling and pushing each other.

Did you do the breaking up?

How did he take it?
We still speak. I guess it's always hard, but he's OK; we're OK.

Were you broken-hearted at all?
Yeah, totally, but I feel a lot lighter now. I learnt a lot from him, but I also changed a lot. I grew, but we didn't [grow] together.

You said you're not with anyone, but what about the pics you posted on Instagram with Anthony Kiedis?
He's a friend of mine.

Have you known him for awhile?
No, he's a new friend I met since he was here in Australia. We've got lots of mutual friends, and that's how we met.

And did you travel with him around Australia for the Big Day Out?
No, I wasn't travelling with him on tour. I was shooting - he's also got a friend who's a photographer, and I was doing a photo shoot with him. We're just friends.

One of the other rumours was that you and Gareth were engaged...
That's just totally not true.

So why are you wearing a ring on your wedding finger?
When I was engaged [to cricketer Michael Clarke], it was a big part of my life. Ad when I took the engagement ring off, I felt like something was missing. To counteract that, I now wear a ring on that finger.

Do you miss being in a relationship?
To be honest, I look back at it all and I have forever lived for another person. I'm forever worrying about them, and not what I want to do. Now, it's my time to roll out what I've been working on for the past year. I want to be single.

Would you be open to dating?
Yeah, but I'm not looking.

Do you regret being so public with your relationship on Being Lara Bingle?
No, I don't regret it. It all shapes who I am now.

They say you learn something from every relationship - what did you learn from this?
Balance and consistency. Gareth lives a very balanced life. When I first met him, I would never switch off. I've found my balance now, and he bought a lot of that to my life.

How would you describe your ideal man?
Every man I've ever been attracted to has been different. I think it's just about the synergy and the energy. It's all in the eyes and being present and engaging; actually having a conversation.

How do you deal with the negative comments people make on Twitter and Instagram?
I look at it as a positive rather than a negative. Without the negative, life would be very one-sided. And I don't take it to heart.

You're looking great for someone who's just had a break-up - how are you feeling?
I feel good. It's the smoothie thing I think - I'm really into smoothies and juices. I've lost 10 kilos since this time last year.

So despite the break-up, you're happier then you were a year ago?
Oh yeah. Last year was a bad year. I spent a lot and lost a lot. I was driving my $200,000 car and couldn't fill it with petrol. I was in a really bad place.

So what's next for Lara Bingle?
I'm launching my own underwear line in August. I have five or six other things I want to create over the next few years. My brand is 'me'; I'm in control. Before, I felt like I was leasing my body and life. And I wasn't grateful. I had half-million-dollar contracts coming out of my ears and I don't even remember taking that in. But now the gratification that I get from the little things is far greater.

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Source: OK Magazine