It isn't hard to imagine what day-to-day life is like for Lara Bingle, at least if you're one of her 172,000 Instagram followers or a viewer of her 2012 reality series.

But between the arty sunrise and green smoothie images and New Zealand promo trips is a busy schedule of appointments, fittings and outfit changes in the car.

"It's forever changing, I never know what's next," Bingle says as we head to a meeting for watch brand Breitling with her business manager George Moskos. She's more than an hour late because a shoot for Bowel Cancer Australia ran over time.

Five years ago a typical day for the Cronulla-raised model would have involved supporting her then-fiance Michael Clarke from Sri Lankan cricket stands and enjoying her popularity as top cricket WAG and the face of Speedo and Vodafone.

Bingle says these days life is less about love and endorsement deals and more about being healthy and laying the foundations for what she hopes will be a hugely successful business empire.

While her long-term goals include babies and her own company boardroom, right now the 25-year-old is content being single, focusing on her work and staying out of trouble.

"There are obviously ups and downs in my life - hiccups, but yeah, I mean it's not been the easiest to (wipe) the slate clean," she tells Sydney Confidential.

She's just brazenly taken off her white Ellery singlet in the middle of a Castlereagh St parking lot and slipped into a black T-shirt and blazer. I pray there is no paparazzi around. "I'm just really interested in creating my own things rather than being the face of everyone's brands; there's no longevity in that."

We get into a lift and head to the QT Hotel. The other elevator passenger, a young tradie, is pleased to have the company, if for just a couple of floors.

Bingle keeps talking: "I feel like in the last six or seven years since the Where the Bloody Hell Are You campaign, I'm finally in a place where I can live and breathe what I want to do and there's no restraint."

She explains her lingerie line is one of her main priorities right now, and she's knee-deep in mood boards and appointments.

The Breitling meeting ends with Bingle and Moskos each receiving one of the brand's timepieces. Freebies and an infinite wardrobe of designer samples is a normal part of life for the blonde bikini star.

Bingle, who split with designer Gareth Moody late last year, catches up with her two closest friends, Vicki Lee and make-up artist Max May, at Bondi Beach later that day. She then heads to May's house for a pamper session, before going home for a bath before bed.

Before parting ways, we ask about her recent romance with Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis during his visit to Australia last month.

"We're still friends and I'm just doing my thing; I'm not looking for a boyfriend," she says. We've heard that one before.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph
Published Date: 24th February 2013