The swimsuit model and TV personality has an apparel line in the work

Lara, you're the ultimate Aussie beach girl - are you ready for summer?
Yeah, I feel good. I feel in control of it body-wise, mentally and physically.

What's made you feel in control?
I've taken control of what I'm eating, how I'm training, work - I think all of it has to be balanced for you to be happy.

You're in love as well - with Gareth Moody who designs Chronicles of Never - that must be making you extra happy?
It's been nice - having that consistent person in my life and being able to share things with him. And having someone that actually wants to hang out with me - that's the most important thing. Gareth's very grounding, much more so than other relationships.

You've had your share of body battles. Are you comfortable with your weight now?
I go up and down depending on what month is is. What I've found is that consistent eating and training is the key. All those fad diets that I tried [didn't work]. I now allow myself to eat something bad and not feel guilty. And I don't exercise as extremely as I used to either, because it only made me more hungry. Now it's just Pilates, yoga, walking and a little bit of running.

You said earlier that you didn't realise how much you used to eat, portion-wise..
That's right. Portion size is such a big thing. I have small plates at home so that I only eat the size of my plate. Otherwise, you don't have that stop button - especially out at restaurants. You don't need that much food!

What do you cook yourself at home?
I eat a lot of fish and roasts - like chicken and lamb, all protein-based, with vegetables. But I might also make a pizza that's wheat-free and topped with healthy stuff.

What does sumer mean to you?
The beach and being active outdoor - I love paddle boarding, surfing and skateboarding.

Source: OK Magazine