I first met Lara Bingle in Vail, Colorado, earlier this year when we were both there on a ski vacation (although she snowboards).

She is one down-to-earth, funny, uncomplicated girl. She laughs all the time, chats to anyone and is super generous. She’s an awesome snowboarder and, despite what everyone thinks, is no party girl. She hardly touched a drop of alcohol and was home in bed by around 10pm each night - Shonagh Walker

When I discovered she’s a bit of a health nut too, I wanted to find out more about her holistic lifestyle…

SW: What have you been working on since the first season of Being Lara Bingle ended?
LB: I’ve been working behind the scenes on a new fashion project that’s a bit hush-hush at the moment. We are not doing a second season of the show just yet; it is so exhausting. I am just putting everything in good stead for next year.

I want to study nutrition for the next six months. Nutrition has impacted my life from gaining weight and losing weight. Everyone has such an opinion and I want to take it as I interpret it. I also want to stimulate my brain in areas other than fashion.

SW: What’s this I hear about you and coconut water?
LB: I’ve been drinking this brand of coconut water, H2COCO, for about a year now and really like it. A family friend of mine owns the business and I really like water so I’ve agreed to be the face of it. Since then I’ve been working with them quite closely. I don’t like doing things that I don’t believe in, but I do actually drink this and it’s great.

I use coconut oil too. I use it after a shower because it absorbs beautifully into your skin and it’s really hydrating. I also cook with it. Coconut in that realm it is good for everything. And then you can’t carry around the coconut – so the coconut water is great.

SW: Your body is amazing right now! What have you been doing?
LB: NO! Ha ha ha! I’ve just been doing Pilates and yoga about four times a week. And then I don’t drink wine during the week. I am really healthy during the week – no carbs, no sugar or dairy and then on the weekends I will have a glass of wine or some vegemite and avocado toast. It’s still healthy. Keeping it consistent is the thing. Feeling light is important to me now. I used to overeat so much. Now I eat normal foods, but smaller portions.

SW: What are your summer beauty tips?
LB: I like the sea salt spray in my hair in summer … I love the texture it gives my hair. I don’t really use anything special on my skin, but sunscreen is always imperative. I always need to take my make-up off before bed. That should be every girl’s absolute must. I really like saunas and steam rooms, especially when I travel - after a long plane trip you feel full of fluid and bloated. That is a ritual.

I also love Dove Protective Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 [$10.52, 1800 061 027]. I use it every day – it gives me a fresh, dewy finish no matter how tired my skin may be.

SW: You seem really calm and serene, too. You’re in a really good place. What’s your secret?
LB: I am pretty low maintenance and I like to live light. I think if you eat light, live light, don’t have too much clutter in your house, then you feel better. I meditate more than I used to.

The consistency of the Pilates and yoga keeps me feeling great. I also throw in a little cardio for stimulation. You can’t just do one thing, or you get bored. It’s important too, not to deny yourself. It’s great to have a day off at the end of the week.

Source: Body + Soul
Published Date: 7th November 2012