Primped sat down with Lara Bingle, who has recently been named the brand ambassador for H2COCO Pure Coconut Water, to talk healthy living, exercise, and the secret to her enviable bikini body and flawless skin.

PRIMPED: How do you feel about being named Brand Ambassador of H2COCO?
Lara Bingle: I really liked coconut water when I discovered it while I was living in New York. We didn’t have it in Australia yet, but this all came about because a friend of mine owns the company and when I heard he was bringing it out, I said to him, ‘I want to be a part of this.’

P: So you were a fan before you became the ambassador?
LB: Yes, definitely. I loved coconut anyway, but you obviously can’t take it everywhere with you. H2COCO has become an alternative drink to water for me because I don’t drink soft drink or juices in the carton.

P: What differences have you noticed in your overall health and wellbeing since you started drinking it?
LB: It’s just an overall general feeling, mainly of feeling a lot more hydrated. It’s not too sugary so it doesn’t give you bursts of energy, it’s consistent, which works for me. Also, it’s perfect for when you think you’re hungry, but you’re actually thirsty.

P: How often do you drink it?
LB: I usually have one after I’ve been to the gym, and I always have them at home because they’re so easy to drink on the go. When I have friends over to my house, I use H2COCO a healthy alternative to soft drinks to add to any mixed drinks as well!

P: Do any other coconut-based products play a part in your beauty routine?
LB: One tip that has stuck with me is from my best friend Max (makeup artist Max May), which is using coconut oil while you are in the shower because your skin absorbs it. I also cook with it now, and take it with me in a little container when I’m travelling. But because it is actually hot on the skin, I’ve recently been told not to use it on my face, just my body.

P: When it comes to exercise, what does your weekly routine consist of?
LB: Consistency is really important. I used to run a lot and noticed I became really hungry all the time, and was eating double what I eat now. But then I noticed once I started doing three to four sessions of pilates and yoga a week, it calmed my crazy life down and I felt a lot more relaxed. I think that doing different activities and also mixing it up with outdoor sports is good, too, as it’s a lot more stimulating than just running on a treadmill. I think it’s all about incorporating exercise into your life and not letting it be something you are forced into doing, so exercising with my friends and boyfriend always helps. Food is most important, though, because you can train but if you eat badly it won’t work.

P: You mentioned you also play a lot of different outdoor sports. What are your favourite activities?
LB: I love doing yoga outside, but when it comes to outdoor activities and sports, I like snow-boarding, surfing, skate-boarding and wake-boarding. I also ride my bicycle everywhere and run or walk the Bondi to Bronte Walk as often as I can, even while I’m working. My walks often become meetings!

P: What are some of your favourite foods? What would regular food day be for you?
LB: With all the exercise that I do, I have to fuel my body, so I start the day with a couple of boiled eggs because I can peel them and eat them on the go, and on the weekends I might have toast with avocado. For lunch I’ll have sashimi, sushi or tuna salad, so I have a lot of protein and salad or vegetables and I also have little snacks throughout the day, like almonds. For dinner, my boyfriend and I both cook, and it’s usually just some kind of protein and vegetables. I also have a sweet tooth, so for a treat I have goji berries and dark chocolate, and I love chocolate bullets! I try and eat as organically as possible, so Max and I go to the food markets to buy our fresh fruit and vegetables. Oh, and I love juices – anything green – like cucumber, kale, spinach, and also lemon, ginger and apple.

P: Do you find time to get enough sleep?
LB: I get at least 8 – 10 hours sleep a night. Last night I went to sleep at 9pm! I can’t cope if I haven’t had enough sleep.

P: What beauty buys are you currently loving?
LB: For years I’ve been religiously using Dove Protective Tinted Moisturiser SPF15, $10.52, from supermarkets. Max gets a lot of products which he always gives to me to try, too. But mainly when it comes to beauty I always wear sunscreen and also I make sure I wash my makeup off before bed.

P: What’s your signature summer look?
LB: I love bronzer. If I could make a bronzer, one would be a liquid illuminiser and another would be a matte one, so you could use it on both your eyes and cheekbones for an overall glow. Max uses the Nars Bronzer in Laguna, $55, Mecca Cosmetica, on me, though. And as for eyeliner, Max has been using Illamasqua’s Medium Pencil in Vow, $17, Myer, which doesn’t look as bright as a white liner. But on the weekends, I try and wear hardly any makeup, just a little mascara.

P: We loved lately when you did your bold lip and the glittering ear cuff!
LB: This was over the weekend at Caulfield Cup. I was wearing a black Camilla and Marc jumpsuit and the diamante ear cuff is by Sarina Suriano; I collaborated with her for the design. I actually did my own hair and makeup, this lipstick was Tom Ford’s Lipstick in Cherry Lush, $65, from select David Jones, and then I just pulled my hair back into a knot.

P: Epsom Super Saturday last year, this was one of our favourite looks. The lace adds a little drama!
LB: This was at the races and I always try and wear something a little bit different when I’m going there. I was wearing a Dion Lee dress here, and then I got a piece of lace and just tied it around my head. As for the makeup, it was just really natural makeup with eyeliner.

P: And lastly …

Signature scent? I’ve got a lot of Jo Malone, I love Tom Ford Black Orchid, from $100, David Jones, for the evening, but during the day I like something fresh and subtle. I bought Burberry Body, $79, select department stores yesterday, which I love. And also Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau de Parfum, $140, from department stores.

Favourite Drink? H2COCO Pure Coconut Water

Favourite Restaurant? I love The Apollo in Potts Point, Sydney

Facial/Day Spa: For cheap massages, Max and I go to Sylk on Oxford Street, Sydney

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Published Date: 24th October 2012