We grabbed five minutes with the new face of H2COCO Coconut Water, Lara Bingle, to find out her top beauty tips and best dating advice!

How did your association with H2COCO Water come about?
The association came about as I have been family friends with David Freeman and Andrew Hawkins (founders of H2COCO) for years. They already knew that I was a big fan of H2COCO Coconut water. It is the perfect alignment for me as it is a product that I believe in and one that fits with my philosophy towards healthy living.

You were quoted as saying you’d never watched your own reality TV show – does that still stand? Why or why not?
I have watched ‘Being Lara’ but seeing yourself on TV is something you never get used to!

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?
Always wear sunscreen. It is so important with our harsh Australian sun.

What’s your skincare routine?
My skincare routine is relatively low-­maintenance, I always remove my makeup before I go to bed and I am religious about applying moisturiser to my skin to keep it soft and hydrated.

You’re known for your fashion-­forward style – who are you most inspired by?
Chloe Sevigny.

The best place I’ve ever eaten a coconut is...
On a beach in Mexico but I like to recreate that experience with H2COCO on a daily basis. It is a close second!

The number 1 album on my playlist at the moment is...
The XX – Angels.

Item of clothing I’m addicted to right now...
I can’t name just one! I am addicted to my leather pants, black blazer and vintage T-­shirts.

If I could be any character from a movie, I would be...
Anything starring Sophia Loren, she is all woman and has brains to boot.

Best piece of dating advice I’ve ever been given is...
Trust your intuition.

The most stupid thing I’ve ever read about myself is...
That my brother is my boyfriend!

Source: Marie Claire
Published Date: 24th October 2012