Lara Bingle yesterday spoke out about parting ways with major sponsor ROC Eyewear.

Through her manager Chrissy Biasotto, the model maintained that a Twitter photo of herself wearing designer sunglasses did not spell the end for her relationship with the brand.

"The contract with ROC finished on April 30 and the photo was taken a month later," Biasotto said.

"Lara loved working with ROC and hopes to again in the future. She is at liberty to wear whatever sunglasses she likes."

Update: An item published in Sydney Confidential concerned Lara Bingle's sponsorship with ROC Eyewear.

Any inference that the relationship was terminated by ROC after Lara was seen in Karen Walker sunglasses should not have been drawn.

The Daily Telegraph apologises to Ms Bingle.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 2nd August 2012