Our favourite model, reality-TV star and It girl chats to Cosmo about life, love and Being Lara Bingle

Congratulations on the TV show. Did you ever expect that people would be talking about it so much?
Thank you. No it's kind of surreal. It's like I'm watching a home video!

You seem to cop your fair share of criticism. How do you handle it?
If I was reading everything about my life, good and bad, I wouldn't be doing a show like this. It's a bit confronting at times, but positive and negative comments really do mean the same to me now. It is what it is. If I'm happy, and I'm getting to do what I love and believe in, then the rest is kind of irrelevant.

How has the show affected your relationship with your boyfriend, fashion designer Gareth Moody?
He's not a part of the show, so it hasn't really. He has his own life and does his own thing. And that's what's nice about it - it's refreshing. My previous relationships were so intense and full-on because there was that extra pressure of being in the spotlight. He's one of the most private people I've met, and I respect that a lot.

How do you guys make it work when your schedules are so busy?
I don't know, to tell you the truth, but we do! He travels a lot too. You just make it work; if you want to, you do. Even if I just have half an hour spare, I'll drop in and have a coffee. You make time for the people you care about.

What about your relationship with your mum? How would you describe it?
Oh God… It's complicated at times. We love each other a lot, but sometimes we butt heads on certain things - we're both strong characters! I travel so much and then I'll come home and be like, "Can I have a home-cooked dinner?" or "Can you do my washing?" - you know, things that daughters do. She takes it in her stride a lot, but sometimes she can get a bit upset and emotional about me coming in and out. We aren't perfect - but who is?

Your style has evolved a lot. Do you ever look back and regret what you've worn?
Yep! There have been dresses that I probably wouldn't wear now. The thing with my style is, I worked with Christine Centenera for a long time, and she dresses a certain way; I found I was very much dressing like her. I definitely learnt a lot from her, but when I started to dress myself, it was like an extension of my personality. I'm working with a new stylist, now Mikey, who's great.

Name your five must-have wardrobe items.
A plain black blazer, a white T-shirt or singlet, leather pants, a white button-up shirt and a leather jacket.

What's your daily diet and exercise regime like?
I just eat really well during the week and then on Sunday, within reason, I'll have a meal or two off. I have that constant battle with food like any girl. I put on a lot of weight last year, and I think that was due to stress - so I've been training hard and eating right.

Your skin is always glowing. What do you use?
I use rosehip oil at night and a La Mer hydrating paste in the morning. I also like Dove tinted moisturiser and M.A.C Face and Body Foundation.

What can you see yourself doing in five years' time?
I'll be 30 by then, so I don't know - maybe I'll be married! And being more of a businesswoman myself, rather than the face of a company. I want to do something that's some kind of an achievement in my own right. Watch this space.

Source: Cosmopolitan Australia
Published Date: 10th August 2012