Lara Bingle has peeled the gear off again - this time for GQ Australia.

The magazine goes on sale next Monday and has a shout-out to Bingle's fashion designer boyfriend Gareth Moody, who she calls her "escape".

"During the week, the paparazzi are full on, but most Sundays I can pretty much run free and the paps don't follow me too much at night," she tells the mag.

"Need to keep some things sacred and off limits. Gareth is that escape in my life. He takes me away from the craziness. If I didn't have that, I'd go insane."

As for her show, which is on somewhat of a ratings decline, the model says she signed up for the reality treatment so the Australian public could get a look at the "real" Lara.

"I'm portrayed in a certain light in Australia and there's a lot of frustration that comes with that for me," she said.

"The biggest incentive for doing this show was to make people realise who I really am."

Published Date: 16th July 2012


  1. Think Lara looks fantastic on this shoot! I didn't know anything at all about Lara when I first tuned into the show, had no expectations, but I think it really does show her in a positive way, flaws and all, and it's certainly made me a fan :)

  2. I agree, I think Lara looks amazing & the photo is stylish and tasteful. I love the show, Lara is honest with the good & the bad & has copped a lot of unfair flack. We're still watching Lara xxx

  3. I tuned in to watch the show after my husband and friends made some very unflattering comments about Lara, and I wanted to see for myself who Lara was and I was so pleased that I did. I thought that she was pretty, intelligent, very polite, caring and I loved her infectious laughter and personality. I found her to be articulate and her interviews were good. I loved her mum as well. Through watching your show I'm remembered how to laugh and enjoy life more myself. Keep the good work up Lara Heather-mae xoxo