We’ve all got a better idea of what it’s like being Lara Bingle, since her reality show began. Now our exclusive photos can reveal the naked truth of Lara Bingle.

The cameramen jostle for position. The sound guy adjusts his mic. There’s hair and makeup and a producer handing out release-waivers like coupons. But it’s all just another day at the office for Lara Bingle, the girl we first met as a beaming 17-year-old, asking us all where the bloody hell we were. Since then, hers has been a life measured out in tabloid ink, footage and photographs. Some good, some bad, some downright ugly. And now she’s back with Network Ten’s Being Lara Bingle.

But whether it’s the Kardashians, the Osbournes or any other celeb du jour, surely we’ve been here before. Same circus, different clowns. Right? Well, not exactly. Khloe or Kim she is not. As Bingle, now 25, assumes the makeup chair and sips on a skim latte, she’s all smiles and small talk and — considering the first interview of the day dragged her into a miserable winter morning at 4.30am — remarkably bubbly.

So what’s it really like being a reality TV star? A life of glamorous photo shoots and champagne soirees? Or one big pain in the arse? We got the girl from the Sutherland Shire to spill the beans on what life as a celebrity has taught her.

Don’t expect a day off.
“It’s intense. They’re filming 10 hours a day, seven days a week and we only get a 22-minute show. I was trying to find my feet at the beginning but I’m pretty comfortable with it now.”

Embrace the paparazzi.
“The paparazzi have a job just as much as I do and I’ve learnt to go with it — it’s the nature of the beast, it comes with the territory. I tried to fight it for a very long time and it just got me nowhere.”

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