She rose to fame at 17, was engaged to one of Australia’s most famous sportsmen at 19, broken-hearted at 22 and has had more photo scandals than any 25-year-old deserves.

It hasn’t always been easy being Lara Bingle.

Now with a quarter century under her belt the sunny, goofy (ridiculously pretty) all-Australian blonde has big plans for re-invention and business success. “I've had my share of ups and downs" she says "I’ve learned a lot in the last 12 months and I finally feel ready to get on with it and work hard.”

Phase one is a determination to reinvigorate her modelling career "Sports Illustrated has always been my dream" she says "People forget that I've been a model since I was 15, I lived in Milan - modelling is my passion." So, it appears, is fashion. Bingle has an eponymous apparel range on the horizon for next year. “I'm trying to create a personal brand. I really admire Elle Macpherson. I look at all she's achieved and I've set that as a goal - if I'm lucky I just might get there.”

Lara has shown an honest vulnerability in the premiere season of her reality show (Being Lara Bingle) letting the cameras into her day-to-day life but were there any areas of her life that were off-bounds ? “It was a big decision to do the show. I'd been asked before but this year it felt right. There were a couple of things that I decided I needed to keep sacred (for me) like my boyfriend. If I've learned anything it's the importance of having a safe private space." Would she consider a second series? "It’s been a good experience – so sure I would".

Eternally positive, Bingle is determined to use her second chance wisely. "I realise now just how fortunate I am. I'm wiser. You know I have a great life, I'm really appreciative and I'm going to make the most of it".

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Published Date: 30th July 2012