If anyone is used to polarising public opinion it's Lara Bingle and the 24-year-old has donned her thickest skin yet as she waits for the reaction to her latest project.

The starlet says her new reality program, Being Lara Bingle, will finally provide a chance to show the "real" Bingle - and she's waiting for her fans and critics to tell her whether or not they like what they see.

While early reviews for the much-hyped program have been largely positive - with some TV blogs such as Pedestrian even calling it the "television event of the year" - Bingle knows she will always have her detractors.

So will she watch the program with the rest of us on Tuesday night?

In the run up to the program's debut, Bingle invited us into the $8 million Bondi pad she shares with her brother and her best-friend-come-manager, Hermoine Underwood to answer that question and more.

Video Interview

Watch the above video to get a sneak peek at Lara's stunning home as well as find out what she thinks about claims she is an "attention seeker".

Being Lara Bingle debuts tonight, June 12, at 8pm on Channel 10.

Source: News.com.au
Published Date: 12th June 2012