Lara Bingle has an agreement with her publicist to only read positive publicity so is unlikely to see any negative feedback about her new show.

Bikini model Lara Bingle says she avoids reading any bad press about herself to keep her sanity and instead focuses on the positive aspects of her life and work.

"I don't read any of it, I just do my work," Bingle tells AAP.

"I've asked my publicist to only send me fashion things or creative stuff; otherwise if you build your mind on all that, there is so much negativity, you can't continue.

"It's going to send you insane."

Since the show was announced by Network Ten, Bingle's life has been full of drama.

There's been a nude photo scandal and a run in with the law over her driver's licence being suspended - both of these incidents appear in the opening episode of Being Lara Bingle.

But even more recently Bingle has changed managers and has a looming court date over another motor vehicle incident while her brother Joshua, who also appears in the series, this week pleaded guilty to common assault.

Fortunately for the producers, these issues have neatly fallen within the shooting schedule of the 10 half-hour episodes.

Bingle said she hopes Being Lara Bingle helps change people's perception of her and has promised a cocktail of work, social and home life during the series.

"One of the incentives of doing the show is there are two sides to it all," Bingle says.

"You see me in the light I am portrayed and obviously there is always the other side and I am a real person with a family.

"At the end of the day it's an opportunity to be myself and show another part of my story."

Being Lara Bingle, premieres on Network Ten on Tuesday, June 12 at 8pm.

Source: Yahoo 7 News
Published Date: 6th June 2012