She's been branded a fake by critics, but Lara Bingle insists she's keeping it real.

Bingle says the latest nude photo scandal, stemming from paparazzi shots of her on the balcony of her Sydney apartment, wasn’t a set-up.

‘‘It was 100 per cent not a publicity stunt,’’ she said today.

‘‘I did think I was safe in my home but obviously I wasn’t.

‘‘You can’t trust anyone, at the end of the day.’’

Bingle denied the photos had been sent to her management and leaked intentionally.

She said it was ‘‘heartbreaking’’ to hear a voicemail left by her grandmother about the scandal, to feature on her new reality show, Being Lara Bingle.

"It affects everyone. I have feelings like everyone else - it’s embarrassing,’’ she told mX.

Bingle said she did not dwell on her so-called mistakes.

"I guess if I worried about that I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing,’’ she said.

"I guess I have no regrets, otherwise I really wouldn’t have a life. I have very thick skin.’’

Bingle, 24, admitted her new show was a risk.

"But I don’t think I have anything to lose really. My life could be much worse,’’ she said.

Bingle has been dating fashion designer Gareth Moody since about August last year.

"He’s the most private person I know, which is crazy to be dating me but it works,’’ she said.

Bingle said she was not chasing drama in her private life even though she was putting it on TV.

"I don’t like to make a problem . . . even in relationships," she said.

Source: Herald Sun
Published Date: 6th June 2012