Hogging the headlines is all well and good but it is ratings that matter for Channel 10's "Being Lara Bingle" which, after impressive figures on debut last week, faces the week-two challenge tonight.

Drawing just under a million in its 8.10pm timeslot last week, the show's staying power will be tested with its second offering about the life of the Sydney model.

One of the show's stars - Lara's brother Josh Bingle - is hoping for the same figures as week one "or even better".

"I was told (Ten) was really happy with last week so we're hoping the second one is even better," he told Confidential.

"Obviously everyone wants the show to do well. We wouldn't have gone into something like this if we weren't hoping it would be a success. It's a really big risk and no one has ever done something like this in Australia, because there aren't many people you could make a whole show about."

The former crane operator (he quit his day job last week) emerged in week one as somewhat of an unlikely star of the show, with cameras playing up a burgeoning love story with Bingle's live-in best friend Hermione Underwood.

But it seems the match failed to flourish, with Josh admitting yesterday he was still single and planned to stay that way.

Meanwhile, a protective older brother, Bingle said he was surprised at some of the backlash directed at his famous sister on the back of the publicity and social networking interest surrounding the show.

"Everyone loves to hate Lara but I don't really know how she can fix it," he said.

"She's really not that bad. She doesn't do anything that warrants some of the things people say about her so it's a bit upsetting.

"So I try not to read too much into what's out there."

Source: Herald Sun
Published Date: 18th June 2012