Lara Bingle says she feels "violated" and "emabarrassed" by paparazzi photos of her naked on her balcony.

Explicit pictures of the 24-year-old model at her penthouse flat at Sydney's Bondi Beach were being offered to the highest bidder by Big Australia, a photo agency run by her friend, Darryn Lyons.

It is the fourth nude photo scandal to beset Bingle, and it has left her clearly upset.

On the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning, she said: "It's a complete violation of privacy; I was so unaware of it.

"There should be a law against someone shooting inside your house... it's just not right. I wouldn't be walking around nude on the balcony. I'm so embarrassed."

Bingle was unsure whether Lyons bought the photos to protect her, or sell them on, but she said their friendship would be over if he sought to profit from the situation.

It is not known if someone has bought the photos.

The pictures are a further black mark against Lyons, who is already facing tough questions over the ethics of his photographers and his business.

Last year he was brought before the Leveson media inquiry to explain the relationship between the media and paparazzi.He admitted to the inquiry his own business did not have a code of practice, but his photographers all knew where to draw the line on decency. However, last month he was accused of having a secret deal with a Virgin Atlantic employee to tip him off on the movements of celebrities.

He's not ashamed of the word paparazzi - "it's only another word in the English language" - and runs a website called that invites members of the public to send in shots of celebrities.

Lyons and Bingle are partners in Growlers restaurant in Torquay, and it was suggested on TV this morning that the photos were staged to garner publicity for her reality TV show.

Bingle's agent Sally Brown was tight-lipped on the incident, which she said was now in the hands of lawyers.

"She's really upset and embarrased about this invasion of privacy," she told

A representative from Big Australia could not be contacted.

While Bingle is believed to be upset about the most recent shots, the drama surrounding their taking and attempted sale will only focus more attention on her reality show, which is being made for Channel 10.

Date: 2nd May 2012