Dancing With The Stars eliminated contestant Lara Bingle returned to Sydney last night but refused to be drawn on judge Todd McKenney's comments.

She arrived from Melbourne about 5pm, looking surprisingly fresh in a fur vest and tight jeans. Bingle had the boot stuck into her on Sunday night by McKenney.

The 24-year-old last night remained tight-lipped about the remarks, only commenting that her upcoming sunglasses range is "amazing".

The former WAG said this week she has been overwhelmed by offers since appearing on DWTS, including from Channel 7, but again refused to say more last night.

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Source: Sydney Confidential
Date: 29th June 2011


Lara Bingle said she has been inundated with offers since appearing on DWTS, some of them from the Seven Network.

"I have been offered a lot of things outside of Seven and at Seven," she said. "I have to think about what it is I want to do next. I have a sunglass range and a beauty book in the works, so I am just going to concentrate on them and on building my brand."

As to whether she would join the cast of Home And Away, Bingle said she'd go to acting school in LA before taking any role on an Australian soap straight off.

Source: Courier Mail
Date: 28th June 2011


Lara Bingle took the opportunity to set the record straight yesterday on many topics - especially her love life.

The model has been linked to a string of men since splitting from Michael Clarke and recently was spotted partying in Melbourne with rugby badboy Danny Cipriani.

"Danny and I are friends," she said of sports insider claims that troubled he had fallen head over heels for the blonde model.

"It's the same for any guy I'm friends with. I am just continually linked to these men because I have a lot of male friends. The media just can't deal with that."

Last week the "couple" were spotted together after DWTS at Melbourne nightclub Laika Bar - but she insisted they had not been out on a date nor had he bought her flowers.

Source: Sydney Confidential
Date: 28th June 2011



Lara Bingle didn't stop herself having fun last night despite being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, joining some of the rest of the DWTS gang for the after show drink up.

Manu Feildel was once again trying to be the life and soul of the party even gently cupping the back of Daniel MacPherson's head and gazing lovingly into his eyes.

With Manu Feidel the phrase "anything that moves" comes to mind!

This morning Bingle has been a bit emotional. The model was dancing on behalf of a Bowel Cancer Charity, an illness which her Dad died from.

She tweeted "This show was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I know my father would be proud."

Nice one Bingle.

Wearing: Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 studded denim pumps, Cartier Love Bangle.

Source: OMG News
Date: 27th June 2011



The latest celebrity to be booted off Dancing with the Stars says the show has changed her life.

Model and former WAG Lara Bingle left the dancefloor and brushed off waiting journalists, sheilding her face in the arm of her dance partner Carmelo Pizzino, after she was eliminated from DWTS last night.

Bingle finally reappeared after most camera crews had left the Global Television studio in South Melbourne.

Dressed down in a white T-shirt and black trousers, she said she was planning to celebrate the night.

"I feel so blessed to have made it this far. Carmelo has taught me so much. I've changed, 360 degrees,'' she said.

But while Bingle was full of praise for her dance partner - she refused to talk about the other man in her life - Melbourne Rebels recruit Danny Cipriani.

"I don't want to talk about my personal life,'' she said bluntly.

Earlier in the night, Bingle was blasted for a lack of conviction on the dancefloor.

"Lara, you have natural ability but ultimately you're dull. You don't have the X factor,'' judge Todd McKenney said.

McKenney's criticisms of Bingle sent fans into a frenzy on Twitter, mostly in defence of Bingle.

Fashion designer Peter Morrissey weighed into the TV fight, tweeting: “With those judges comments it should be called ‘Dancing With The Scars.’”

Judge Helen Richey told Bingle: "We don't know who the bloody hell Lara is."

'Bingle's exit topped off a stressful night on DWTS, with French chef Manu Feildel also in the bottom two.

Seven newsreader Samantha Armytage also copped criticism similar to that suffered by Brynne Edelsten, with judge Josh Horner describing her cha cha outfit as "a bedazzled car wash''.

Contestants were given just 40 minutes to set a routine to music, with many couples not knowing their song.

Source: Herald Sun/
Date: 27th June 2011


1. Bingle and Cipriani Dine Together?

A romance is blossoming between Lara Bingle and English rugby union player Danny Cipriani, with the pair eating at Nobu at Crown on Friday.

The couple were at the Japanese restaurant with another couple enjoying a quiet dinner, relaxed and smiling the whole night.

Both Bingle and Cipriani are saying they are just friends, they have been spending every minute they can together in Melbourne when Bingle isn't rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars.

If Cipriani was to watch his new love interest in the audience of Dancing With The Stars it would be tonight, because she is tipped to leave the competition by bookmakers.

Meanwhile some are saying it is tense back stage at Dancing With The Stars, in particular between Hayley Bracken and Bingle.

Judge Todd McKenney confirmed the environment was tense.

"You can certainly feel friction," he said.

"Almost across the board, there's a much more fractious vibe in the studio. It seems much more genuinely competitive and there is not so much of the warm, cuddly camaraderie that there normally is."

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 26th June 2011

2. More Bingle and Cipriani Reports

The "are they, aren't they" relationship between Lara Bingle and rugby pin-up Danny Cipriani continues.

The rebellious Melbourne Rebel recruit this week was overheard gushing about the former cricket WAG, but was coy about his relationship status.

At the Weary Dunlop Rugby Club lunch and Melbourne Rebels end-of-season awards ceremony on Thursday at Crown, Cipriani was overheard giving the age-old catchcry of "we're good friends" and "we're getting to know each other" when asked about the Dancing with the Stars beauty.

The pair recently have been spied getting, er, better acquainted at Melbourne nightspots Laika Bar and the Hotel Barkly after Bingle's performances on the reality dance show.

While Bingle has said Cipriani is a "nice guy", onlookers claim Cipriani is smitten with the sometime bikini babe whenever she hits town.

But the UK rugby import and ladies man could be in for a battle to win her affections.

Michael Clarke's former fiancee, who celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, is still continuing her cryptic Twitter affair with US singer Jason Derulo.

Cipriani has taken a liking to our Aussie leading ladies since splitting with buxom British pin-up Kelly Brook and relocating to Melbourne.

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 25th June 2011

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Lara Bingle has credited Dancing with the Stars for changing her life.

Bingle, who celebrated her 24th birthday on Wednesday, admitted she had been on a "massive journey" since the show began, and credited her dance partner, Carmelo Pizzino.

"From the beginning to now, I have changed as a person -- 150%," she said.

"I used to be a late person; I'm not any more. I'm very organised. I never realised how much you could fit in one day! Things like that just everything's changed," she said.

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 24th June 2011


It was sushi and sake and, of course, French champagne on the menu for Lara Bingle, who celebrated her 24th birthday with a mixed bunch of pals at Toko on Wednesday night.

Arriving about 7pm and flanked by her mum and make-up artist pal Max May, Bingle - sporting her trademark middle part - strode into the Surry Hills eatery and was soon joined by BFF Kyle Sandilands and bar baron Justin Hemmes, as well as Erin McNaught, her boyfriend Nathan Joliffe, socialite Tyler Atkins and Bingle's DWTS partner Carmelo Pizzino.

In spite of their reputation as party animals, spies said the group kept things relatively subdued.

"There was one, maybe two, bottles of champagne, some sake and a few beers but nothing too wild," said one spy. "Everyone took turns giving her a present and after dinner everyone pretty much left.

Source: Sydney Confidential
Date: 24th June 2011



Lara Bingle stepped out for her birthday dinner last night in Surry Hills looking relaxed and happy with the world.

The model and current Dancing with the Stars contestant who turned 24 yesterday spent the day shopping and picking up her birthday pressies from friends and famly.

In the evening though it was down to the serious business of eating, drinking and being merry.

Source: OMG News
Date: 23rd June 2011



Do you think Lara Bingle enjoyed her 24th birthday?

"I'm in complete love with Sydney today. If I could marry this day I would," she tweeted.

Lara spent the day enjoying a late afternoon drink with her mum and friends at the Winery in Surry Hills, though she must have been starving because when we snapped her earlier she was eating one of her birthday cards while driving her car.

Among her presents was a photographic ode to Kate Moss by Mario Testino, which she clutched tightly like an excited little girl who couldn't wait till she got home to look through it.

That's as it should be on your birthday, presents, family and friends.


Wearing: Balenciaga Striped Angora Knit Vest, Balenciaga Biker Boots.

Source: OMG News
Date: 23rd June 2011


The Bingle-Derulo 'Are they? Aren't they?' debate continues as the former-Speedo model posts a picture of a birthday message signed 'Jase' on Twitter.

UPDATE 3.25PM - Despite all evidence to the contrary, Lara's mystery man 'Jase' has been revealed - and it's not Derulo.

No, the man behind Lara's sandy birthday message is The Block's Jason Sullivan - the interior design and renovation guru. Could there be another Jason vying for Lara's heart?

Just when you thought you'd heard the last from the publicity-hungry twosome, another hint alluding to the relationship between Lara Bingle and Jason Derulo has landed in the Twittersphere.

After announcing her birthday on the social media site - "I'M TWENTY- FOUR TODAY.... AND I'M HAPPY TO BE HERE. AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT COMES NEXT" - the Aussie model posted a picture of a birthday greeting drawn in the sand, tellingly signed 'Jase'.

The model gushed "I am so lucky!" in the caption on Twitter.

And yesterday the American R'N'B hit-maker Tweeted at Bingle: "Skype is my faithful lover."

The relationship between the pair - which has so far been primarily conducted via the social networking site - kicked off after they met at last year's ARIA Awards.

Bingle played the host the next day, taking the visiting star for a walk along the Bondi to Bronte coast and then, a few days later, jetted to Brisbane to attend his concert.

They have since flirted openly on Twitter, and in November Lara’s BFF Hermione Underwood uploaded a video of herself and Lara singing to Jason’s Ridin’ Solo, which he then re-tweeted to his many followers.

Bingle has also hooked-up with the singer twice stateside, even spending New Year’s Eve with him in Vegas.

The bikini babe might not be officially dating Derulo but she's clearly made an impression on him, with Derulo revealing that she was the inspiration behind some love songs on his second album, Future Music.

"Yeah I've written a few songs on the album for Lara," he said last month. "She's someone that's dear to me."

And he revealed he could be heading to Australia very soon for a private rendezvous with Bingle.

"It'll be my first break in two years."

The LA-based singer said he had kept an eye on Bingle as she had been competing on Dancing With the Stars.

"I watch every episode on YouTube. She's been great," Derulo said.

"It's been amazing to watch the transformation. I remember showing her the waltz. Now she's going to be showing me stuff.

"She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met."

Source: Sydney Confidential
Image: Courtesy Twitter
Date: 22nd June 2011



It's all hair, sunnies and teeth in the picture of Lara Bingle and Erin McNaught.

The model duo enjoyed some lunch at Tropicana in Darlinghurst yesterday.

Perhaps McNaught wanted to hear the goss from Bingle on the latest rumour about her and Danny Cipriani getting close in Melbourne's Hotel Barkly after Dancing With The Stars at the weekend?

"Danny looked absolutely smitten with Lara. They were definitely getting pretty cosy together," an insider said according to the Herald Sun.

Wearing: Balenciaga Striped Angora Knit Vest, Balenciaga Biker Boots.

Source: OMG News
Date: 21st June 2011



Lara Bingle’s thrilled to be climbing the fashion career ladder thanks to a new collab.

Aside from dancing and tweeting, Lara Bingle has another major hobby: fashion. She trawls blogs, lusts over Ellery jackets (and tweets about them effusively) and hangs out with high-profile stylists and designer friends.

She’s approached constantly to collaborate with brands, but when sunnies label ROC Eyewear came knocking, she pinned down a real opportunity.

“No other celebrity in Australia has done sunglasses – everyone does swimsuits. It’s a bit cliched,” Lara says on the set of her luxe campaign shoot at Sydney’s notorious Ivy Penthouse. “I’m always photographed in sunglasses so it’s not an odd choice for me.”

As the face of ROC, Lara is working on a capsule collection to come out later this year.

“I’m designing several pairs – a few basics and some fashion-oriented ones that are very on-trend,” she says.

On her moodboard? “Kate Moss (obviously!), Chloe Sevigny, Erin Wasson and the Olsens – they all love sunglasses. Those girls look accessible and simple but chic at the same time.”

Lara wanted her campaign, shot by renowned photographer Pierre Toussaint, to feel “glamorous but raw” and looked to fash-forward magazines Self Service and Acne Paper for inspiration.

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Lara Bingle said she needed to let off some steam after the pressures of another week on Dancing With The Stars.

Enter rugby bad boy Danny Cipriani.

The pair were reportedly spotted "canoodling" just hours after Bingle performed on the Seven show, the latest in a long line of good-looking conquests for the Melbourne Rebels' English import.

An insider at Melbourne's celeb haunt Laika Bar said the easy-on-the-eye pair were "canoodling" on the couch.

Before their night out, Bingle made no secret of her desire to hit the town with good friend Erin McNaught and her Amazing Race model boyfriend Nathan Joliffe, who were in the audience at DWTS.

"We are going to have a drink. It's nice to have your friends in town, it makes it more special ... but I need a drink after all that," Bingle laughed after the show.

The rugby pin-up, who used to date British babe Kelly Brook, has been linked to Tamara Jaber and more recently Jesinta Campbell.

He hooked up with Campbell earlier this year - again on a night out in Melbourne - but the fling was short-lived.

Bingle's manager Titus Day denied any romance, but confirmed the couple had met at the club on Sunday.

"Lara said he is a nice guy, that's all," Day said yesterday.

Source: Sydney Confidential
Date: 15th June 2011


Lara Bingle is busy party planning. Between modelling gigs and Dancing With The Stars, the 23-year-old is preparing a July gallery event to launch her new Roc sunglasses collection.

More than 350 guests, including Kym Ellery, Kyle Sandilands, Erin McNaught and Brian McFadden, will be invited.

Ten giant campaign images modelled by Bingle, will be hung around the venue. We expect to see another range out later in the year.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph - Insider
Date: 12th June 2011


The unstoppable Lara Bingle has scoffed at suggestions she is in a relationship with heart-attack-waiting-to-happen Kyle Sandilands.

Giggling when asked by S whether rumours she and the big fella - who turned 40 on Friday - were an item, Bingle revealed that while she and Sandilands were dear friends, there was definitely no romance brewing.

''He's such a big support in my life,'' she gushed about her cuddly friend, who flew down to watch her sashay on the floor of Channel Seven's Dancing with the Stars last Sunday. ''He's the most amazing guy. He's there for you through good and bad and I know the Kyle that everyone doesn't know and he's always been there for me and he's just the best support in my life.''

The duo pulled out of competing in an Amazing Race promotional challenge for 2Day FM on Thursday when he tripped over a cord and had to pull out mid-race. ''I was like, 'Get up! Get up!' And he was saying, 'No, no, babe. I can't!''' Bingle said.

After an emotional week with her charity for Bowel Cancer Awareness Week, Bingle is ready to bust out her best cha-cha tonight.

Admitting her pain over the death of her father, Graham, was hard to deal with, she has been grateful to have the opportunity to film a commercial with her mum and talk about the disease. ''It certainly doesn't get easier,'' Bingle said between rehearsals. ''I was a daddy's girl and he was the biggest man in my life. I miss him every day.''

And the super-sweet beach babe has gone all Beyonce since her split with fiance Michael Clarke.

''I'm my own independent woman now,'' she says.

Source: S, The Sun-Herald
Date: 12th June 2011


Bikini babe Lara Bingle might not be officially dating Jason Derulo but she has clearly made an impression on him, with the US hit-maker penning songs on his new album for her.

Derulo has revealed Bingle was the inspiration behind some love songs on his second album, Future Music.

"Yeah I've written a few songs on the album for Lara," Derulo told music reporter Cameron Adams yesterday.

"Um . . . she's someone that's dear to me."

And he revealed he was heading to Australia next month for a private rendezvous with Bingle.

"It'll be my first break in two years."

The LA-based singer said he had kept an eye on Bingle as she had been competing on Dancing With the Stars.

"I watch every episode on YouTube. She's been great," Derulo said.

"It's been amazing to watch the transformation. I remember showing her the waltz. Now she's going to be showing me stuff.

"I showed her some hip hop moves at the start. Now she'll be teaching me choreography."

Derulo also took time to clear up the negativity around Bingle.

"She is an absolute sweetheart. She is a real hard worker. She knows what she wants," he said.

"There's a false perception of her as being somebody who's rude or not very social. But it's really because she is shy, not because she doesn't want to talk to anyone or be interviewed.

"She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met."

Derulo and Bingle, who he was reluctant to label his girlfriend, have been enjoying a long-distance relationship since meeting at the ARIAs last year.

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 11th June 2011



Kyle Sandilands running style looked as though it had teammate Lara Bingle in stitches as he followed her on the hunt for a clue in the Kyle and Jackie O version of the Amazing Race.

Sandilands is more used to travelling by Ferrari or Bentley and it showed as he shuffled behind Bingle working up a sweat.

Despite this, the twosome seemed to be having alot of fun before Sandilands fell over and crooked his knee and had to pull out of the race.

The motormouth radio man had been in fine form before his accident, giving a homeless man outside Woolloomooloo Wharf some spare cash (one for the cameras Kyle?) and twirled Bingle around a la Dancing With The Stars in between cigarette breaks.

Shame it had to end all too soon.

Source: OMG News
Date: 9th June 2011



It's barely a fortnight since she got her licence back, but the good people of Sydney clearly have some concern for Lara Bingle's welfare now that she's back on the road. How else does one explain the many reports received here yesterday regarding Bingle's bumpy travails.

At about 1.30pm Bingle, we are informed, encountered some traffic light trouble at the intersection of Crown and Stanley Sts outside Bill & Tony's cafe in East Sydney in her new $170,000 Mercedes G.

Then 20 minutes later a second concerned citizen phoned us to report that the model, still struggling to manoeuvre her large car, had a near-miss with a large delivery truck outside Bar Coluzzi in Darlinghurst.

Source: Sydney Confidential
Date: 9th June 2011


Lara Bingle promised she hadn't really thrown her engagement ring to Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke down the toilet.

Bingle performed a sexy routine with a fake ring on Sunday night's Dancing with the Stars with partner Carmelo Pizzino.

She ended her relationship with Clarke last year and made the bizarre admission live on the show.

But afterwards she admitted: "I don't know where that came from. It just felt right to pop that in there."

The bombshell added: "I feel amazing in these gloves. Now that I've made it this far, I want to go all the way. It's exciting."

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 7th June 2011



DWTS glamour girl Lara Bingle bares all about her newfound confidence, exciting fashion projects and why she’s putting heartbreak and scandal behind her. Cameron Bayley reports.

Lara Bingle is tucking into a bacon and egg sandwich and chatting about weight loss – a combination that doesn’t go together all that well for most people.

Dancing With The Stars has become The Biggest Loser for celebrities – the perfect way to shed kilos and get a higher profile – just ask Kirstie Alley and Kelly Osbourne. But for already super-slim Lara, it’s been more about getting a bit fitter.

“It’s not so much losing weight, it’s toning up,” she says. “I really want to get more toned. It’s definitely keeping me on my toes!”

For Lara, 23, the show has been more to do with changing the public perception about who she is than altering her dress size.

After her split from cricketer Michael Clarke last year she’s lost her WAG tag – and she’s also desperate to escape being indelibly linked to nude photo scandals, driving scandals …any kind of scandal.

“For a long time, there was so much stuff out there about my personal life – it wasn’t enough about my work and what I actually do,” she says, as she prepares for our shoot. “I feel blessed now to be able to show people who I am and what I’m doing. I actually do have a voice – I can speak – and I’m creating things that I love.”

Accepting an invite to join DWTS is in line with the new-look Lara.

“I signed on to the show because I was in the right place. I’m doing things on my own.

“Whatever I’m going to fail at or get better at, it’s all on my own.

“Without a doubt, I’m going to make more mistakes. I’m the last person to say I’m perfect – I’m not that by any means.”

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She first drove a Mini Cooper, didn't know quite how to handle a beastly $300,000 Aston Martin given to her by then-fiance Michael Clarke and next lost her right to drive any vehicle at all.

So what has Lara Bingle chosen for a low-key re-entry to Sydney roads after getting her licence back last week?

A black $170,000 Mercedes G Class box - we're sorry, but that's all we can call this brick with wheels which is sure to dodge the paparazzi even if it never meets a dirt road.

Source: Sydney Confidential
Date: 4th June 2011