Lara Bingle flew into Sydney from Tahiti yesterday to face a fresh storm of controversy after ditching new boyfriend Danny Cipriani at Auckland airport in a bid to evade photographers.

But she walked into a new paparazzi war after photographer and one-time Nicole Kidman nemesis Jamie Fawcett vowed to fight her after reports she would seek legal advice against him.

Bingle's manager Titus Day yesterday said she would meet lawyers this week to examine taking out an AVO against Fawcett, who she claimed was harassing her.

"It is very serious. It has become a real problem and he is always outside her home ready to stick a camera in her face and it has been going on for months," Day alleged.

Fawcett told Confidential he was ready to challenge her claims. "I'm not going to fight Lara Bingle through the media," he said. "But if she has appropriate and legitimate cause for complaint, then let her take it to court because I will defend it rigorously.

"I am not parked outside her place everyday. That is clearly not the case."

Bingle has put other noses out of joint after she and rugby player Cipriani spent the week at Bora Bora in Tahiti, where they posed for a photographer from Big Pictures and declared their love for each other.

Bingle had until then denied they were anything but "good friends", and was reportedly paid $30,000 for this week's Who magazine story.

But Day denied that.

"Lara has not made a cent out of any of this, I can assure you," he said. "She has a preferred relationship with Big Pictures, and one of their photographers bumped into her there and she (and Danny) co-operated when asked."

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Date: 24th July 2011