Bikini babe Lara Bingle might not be officially dating Jason Derulo but she has clearly made an impression on him, with the US hit-maker penning songs on his new album for her.

Derulo has revealed Bingle was the inspiration behind some love songs on his second album, Future Music.

"Yeah I've written a few songs on the album for Lara," Derulo told music reporter Cameron Adams yesterday.

"Um . . . she's someone that's dear to me."

And he revealed he was heading to Australia next month for a private rendezvous with Bingle.

"It'll be my first break in two years."

The LA-based singer said he had kept an eye on Bingle as she had been competing on Dancing With the Stars.

"I watch every episode on YouTube. She's been great," Derulo said.

"It's been amazing to watch the transformation. I remember showing her the waltz. Now she's going to be showing me stuff.

"I showed her some hip hop moves at the start. Now she'll be teaching me choreography."

Derulo also took time to clear up the negativity around Bingle.

"She is an absolute sweetheart. She is a real hard worker. She knows what she wants," he said.

"There's a false perception of her as being somebody who's rude or not very social. But it's really because she is shy, not because she doesn't want to talk to anyone or be interviewed.

"She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met."

Derulo and Bingle, who he was reluctant to label his girlfriend, have been enjoying a long-distance relationship since meeting at the ARIAs last year.

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 11th June 2011