The Bingle-Derulo 'Are they? Aren't they?' debate continues as the former-Speedo model posts a picture of a birthday message signed 'Jase' on Twitter.

UPDATE 3.25PM - Despite all evidence to the contrary, Lara's mystery man 'Jase' has been revealed - and it's not Derulo.

No, the man behind Lara's sandy birthday message is The Block's Jason Sullivan - the interior design and renovation guru. Could there be another Jason vying for Lara's heart?

Just when you thought you'd heard the last from the publicity-hungry twosome, another hint alluding to the relationship between Lara Bingle and Jason Derulo has landed in the Twittersphere.

After announcing her birthday on the social media site - "I'M TWENTY- FOUR TODAY.... AND I'M HAPPY TO BE HERE. AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT COMES NEXT" - the Aussie model posted a picture of a birthday greeting drawn in the sand, tellingly signed 'Jase'.

The model gushed "I am so lucky!" in the caption on Twitter.

And yesterday the American R'N'B hit-maker Tweeted at Bingle: "Skype is my faithful lover."

The relationship between the pair - which has so far been primarily conducted via the social networking site - kicked off after they met at last year's ARIA Awards.

Bingle played the host the next day, taking the visiting star for a walk along the Bondi to Bronte coast and then, a few days later, jetted to Brisbane to attend his concert.

They have since flirted openly on Twitter, and in November Lara’s BFF Hermione Underwood uploaded a video of herself and Lara singing to Jason’s Ridin’ Solo, which he then re-tweeted to his many followers.

Bingle has also hooked-up with the singer twice stateside, even spending New Year’s Eve with him in Vegas.

The bikini babe might not be officially dating Derulo but she's clearly made an impression on him, with Derulo revealing that she was the inspiration behind some love songs on his second album, Future Music.

"Yeah I've written a few songs on the album for Lara," he said last month. "She's someone that's dear to me."

And he revealed he could be heading to Australia very soon for a private rendezvous with Bingle.

"It'll be my first break in two years."

The LA-based singer said he had kept an eye on Bingle as she had been competing on Dancing With the Stars.

"I watch every episode on YouTube. She's been great," Derulo said.

"It's been amazing to watch the transformation. I remember showing her the waltz. Now she's going to be showing me stuff.

"She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met."

Source: Sydney Confidential
Image: Courtesy Twitter
Date: 22nd June 2011