1. Bingle and Cipriani Dine Together?

A romance is blossoming between Lara Bingle and English rugby union player Danny Cipriani, with the pair eating at Nobu at Crown on Friday.

The couple were at the Japanese restaurant with another couple enjoying a quiet dinner, relaxed and smiling the whole night.

Both Bingle and Cipriani are saying they are just friends, they have been spending every minute they can together in Melbourne when Bingle isn't rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars.

If Cipriani was to watch his new love interest in the audience of Dancing With The Stars it would be tonight, because she is tipped to leave the competition by bookmakers.

Meanwhile some are saying it is tense back stage at Dancing With The Stars, in particular between Hayley Bracken and Bingle.

Judge Todd McKenney confirmed the environment was tense.

"You can certainly feel friction," he said.

"Almost across the board, there's a much more fractious vibe in the studio. It seems much more genuinely competitive and there is not so much of the warm, cuddly camaraderie that there normally is."

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 26th June 2011

2. More Bingle and Cipriani Reports

The "are they, aren't they" relationship between Lara Bingle and rugby pin-up Danny Cipriani continues.

The rebellious Melbourne Rebel recruit this week was overheard gushing about the former cricket WAG, but was coy about his relationship status.

At the Weary Dunlop Rugby Club lunch and Melbourne Rebels end-of-season awards ceremony on Thursday at Crown, Cipriani was overheard giving the age-old catchcry of "we're good friends" and "we're getting to know each other" when asked about the Dancing with the Stars beauty.

The pair recently have been spied getting, er, better acquainted at Melbourne nightspots Laika Bar and the Hotel Barkly after Bingle's performances on the reality dance show.

While Bingle has said Cipriani is a "nice guy", onlookers claim Cipriani is smitten with the sometime bikini babe whenever she hits town.

But the UK rugby import and ladies man could be in for a battle to win her affections.

Michael Clarke's former fiancee, who celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, is still continuing her cryptic Twitter affair with US singer Jason Derulo.

Cipriani has taken a liking to our Aussie leading ladies since splitting with buxom British pin-up Kelly Brook and relocating to Melbourne.

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 25th June 2011

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