Lara Bingle is hoping she will have an A-list supporter soon cheering her on from the sidelines of the sequin-spangled Dancing with the Stars cauldron.

Bingle has her manicured fingers crossed that US hit-maker Jason Derulo, her rumoured beau, will make a lightning trip Down Under to see her trip the light fantastic.

"He is thinking of coming to the show at some stage, but he is not sure when because he is working on his album," Bingle said.

"It is hard because he is doing his stuff and I am doing my stuff, and he is in LA and I am here."

But Bingle was not short of attention at last week's show, with Amazing Race contestant Tyler Atkins moving from his designated seat to one allocated to Bingle's guests.

Seated near Carlton player Ryan Houlihan, Atkins cheered loudly and held up a sign with Bingle's name on it during her routine.

"He has been a friend a long time," she said of Atkins.

Battling a twisted ankle, Bingle did not start learning her tango routine for tomorrow night's show until Thursday.

"I have been resting it and taping it and icing it. It has caused more problems than I thought," she said. "I am worried because the tango is my favourite dance so I really want to do this well."

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 21st May 2011