Dancing with the Stars contestants Lara Bingle and Haley Bracken say there will be no murder on the dance floor, insisting they have been friendly since their WAG days.

Reports the two are at loggerheads have been circulating in women's glossy magazines, claiming Bracken is furious at the "chemistry" between Bingle and her ousted cricketer husband Nathan.

But Bracken said it is the other way around, and that her husband - first to be voted off the show - wishes her green-eyed monster would come out more.

"I heard I was criticised for being insanely jealous," Bracken said after Sunday night's show.

"But you know what, Nathan has actually criticised me for not being jealous enough.

"I'm like, 'It is dancing whatever', and he says, 'You have to care more'."

Bingle and Bracken met in cricketing circles, attending the same high-profile events when she was dating Michael Clarke.

Bingle says there is no bad blood and was happy to talk about holding out for a visit from her long-distance lover Jason Derulo - although their schedules are "full on".

"I don't have a personal life at the moment, it is keeping me out of trouble," she laughed.

Meanwhile, he might have been booed for making a quip about being bossed around by women, but Manu Feildel is still a ladies' man.

Whispers are the kitchen Romeo has eyes for DWTS's Luda Kroitor.

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 24th May 2011