Lara Bingle will escape any penalty despite publicly saying she had lost her licence after copping driving demerit points for unnamed friends.

The model, who later claimed she was joking, came under a Roads and Traffic Authority investigation over her gaffe on live radio on Thursday.

A RTA spokesman refused to comment on the case yesterday but said: "It is a criminal offence to provide false or misleading information when nominating another driver for an offence.

"Penalties for making a false statutory declaration are severe and a conviction could lead to a fine, jail or both.

"This can apply to both the licence holder nominating another driver and the driver who has falsely elected to take responsibility for the offence. (But) it is inappropriate to comment on specific cases or allegations".

Bingle will get her licence back next month after losing it in December due to a demerit point.

Date: 26th March 2011