In an on-air slip yesterday, bikini model Lara Bingle said she had illegally copped demerit points for her friends, which caused her to lose her driver's licence.

Adding insult to injury, the RTA has now launched an investigation, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Discussing her driving ban on 2DayFM's Kyle and Jackie O Show on breakfast radio yesterday, Bingle - who lost her licence in December last year following a speeding fine - said: "It was [because of a] loss of points.

"I had too many," before she added: "I took some for my friends."

The admission surprised host Kyle Sandilands who noted: "That's totally illegal ... you're not allowed to take points for your friends."

Bingle later attempted to defuse the comment via her Twitter page.

"Just to clarify I never took any of my friends points regarding their licence. I said it in sarcasm. End of story. LB," she wrote.
Soon after hitting the airwaves early yesterday, a member of the public contacted the RTA and told of Bingle's on-air confession.

An RTA spokeswoman yesterday said an investigation was under way and that, at worst, Bingle could face fraud charges in a criminal court and if found guilty of any demerit-point offences would face a maximum of two months in prison under the Road Safety Act.

When the spokeswoman was told that Bingle had later denied her actions, the spokeswoman said the RTA would still pursue the investigation saying: "Yes we will be the judge of that."

Late last night at the annual Prix De Marie Claire awards Bingle again insisted that her comments about copping her friends' points was a joke.

"I lost my licence," she said. "I lost it on my own, that's the truth.

"I get it back in just over a month.

"Of all the things I said [in the interview] I can't believe that small thing was taken out and has been turned into such a big deal.

"I can't help not take it personally.

"It was a joke," she said.

Also on air yesterday Bingle made light of the fact her main mode of transport since losing her licence was a bicycle.

Bingle said she drives it to and from the gym everyday and loves riding through Darling Point.

Date: 25th March 2011