From the street it looks a fairly humble weatherboard home with storybook gables and rustic cabin appeal.

Yet this is the house where Lara Bingle's dreams of grandeur first took flight, a three-bedroom Shire home with a neatly trimmed hedge out front and the seductive lights of Westfield Miranda blocks away.

As a teenager, Bingle spent her summers splashing in the backyard pool in one of the many bikinis that would become the staple of her modelling career, dreaming, we imagine, of the day she would turn her back on Yowie Bay and strike out for the more glamorous lights of Bondi Beach.

Now the house is on the market, with property agents predicting that Lara's mother Sharon Bingle will sell the family home for more than $1.1 million when it goes to auction on March 19.

Almost three years after the death of Bingle's father Graham to cancer, it seems his widow is ready to pack up her memories and begin a new chapter.

Yesterday, Mrs Bingle could not be contacted for comment about the forthcoming sale of the home that has been the family retreat for 28 years - just one year less than her marriage to Graham.

It was in the dual level home that cricketer Michael Clarke slept for three days to support his then fiancées following the death of her father in 2008 to liver and pancreatic cancer.

Update: 31st March - The property failed to sell at auction on the weekend, passing in shy of expectations. It is believed Mrs Bingle is looking to downsize now that Lara and older brother Josh have flown the coop.

Update: May 2011 - The house officially sold on May 11th.

Source: Sydney Confidential
Date: 10th March 2011