The Bingle-Derulo 'Are they? Aren't they?' debate continues as the model posts pictures of herself and the US singer in a recording studio on Twitter.

Bingle, who has been on a "working holiday" in America for weeks - so far visiting New York, Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas and LA - just can't seem to get the R'n'B hunk out of her mind; or her Twitter page.

In the latest episode of the rumoured romance, which has so far been primarily conducted via the social networking site, the model posted a set of pictures showing the pair in an LA recording studio "Making some sweet tunes".

This is the second time they've hooked-up in the US. Bingle took to Twitter last month to tell Derulo,“NO MORE SLEEPS!!!!” and then spent New Year’s Eve with him in Vegas.

The pair met after co-presenting at the ARIA Awards last year where, according to industry insiders, there was obvious chemistry.

Bingle played the host the next day, taking the visiting star for a walk along the Bondi to Bronte coast and then, a few days later, jetted to Brisbane to attend his concert.

They have since flirted openly on Twitter, and in November Lara’s BFF Hermione Underwood uploaded a video of herself and Lara singing to Jason’s Ridin’ Solo, which he then retweeted to his many followers.

Speaking to the UK edition of OK! magazine, Derulo brushed off rumours that the pair are dating, saying that though he thinks Bingle is "hot" he isnt seeing anyone "seriously" at the moment.

Bingle set to return Down Under this week.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Date: 16th January 2011