Who embodies sexiness to you?
Kate Moss. She doesn't care what anyone thinks. She also defies the odds--she continues to be successful despite eveything that happens around her.

What attracts you to a man?
Trust, honesty. And I love a man with tattoos!

Your sexy guy criteria?
Creative, sense of humour, independent, has direction and is loyal, through the good times and the bad.

Qualities you find sexy in a partner?
He has to cook!

What do you think men find sexy about you?
That I am an individual, and that I'm confident in who I am.

Who rocks your world?
My dad--forever.

Hottest item in your wardrobe?
An old, worn-out black sleeveless T-shirt I bought at the markets for $1.

What do you wear when you're dressing to impress?
Leather pants and fine gold chains.

When did you last feel really sexy?
This shoot. I love the simplicity of just stripping down to the bra I was wearing.

"There's a sexy innocence to her" - Designer Jason Brunsdon

Who Magazine's Sexiest People 2010 issue is on sale Friday, Oct. 26.

Source: Who Magazine