The next fortnight is crucial for Lara Bingle, as her Speedo contract hangs in the balance.

Insider has heard murmurs that the all-important spring/summer campaign deal is still unconfirmed.

The blonde, whose contract with the sportswear company expires next year, has shot both of her Speedo campaigns in late November and early December since she signed on in 2008.

But this year, there has been a delay, and representatives for the brand have been unable to confirm to Insider the model is definitely to star in next year's campaign.

The brand, which stood by Bingle during her highly-publicised nude photo scandal, is meeting on Monday to discuss the deal.

Bingle's manager Titus Day said the company tended to announce the shoot just before it went ahead.

"Lara normally gets the call for the shoot a week beforehand, so it's usually very last minute; that's just the way they [Speedo] like to work," he said.

Either way, Bingle has been a dedicated ambassador for the brand of late, spending time at the beach clad in their current summer swimwear pieces.

As for her fleeting romance with visiting singer Jason Derulo earlier this month, it seems the flame hasn't completely died for the smitten ARIA co-hosts.

Last week friend Hermione Underwood uploaded a candid video of herself and Bingle singing the R&B star's hit single Ridin' Solo onto YouTube, which Derulo later posted on his Twitter account.

Source: Herald Sun
Date: 28th November 2010