Lara Bingle has vented her fury at the glossy magazine Grazia for doctoring photographs of her.

PBL's struggling weekly fashion title combined a photograph of the 23-year-old model with a separate image of in-line skater and carpenter Dion Anthony, 30, to suggest the pair were romantically attached.

The image, which appears in the current issue, depicts a wet-haired Bingle side by side with Anthony as they leave his Bellevue Hill home.

The accompanying caption states that Bingle and Anthony left "together".

But the original set of photographs, taken on September 11 by a paparazzo who works for the picture agency Oceanic Media, show them leaving the house separately.

The pictures, sent to all media outlets, were bought by Grazia - the highest bidder - for more than $7000, according to industry sources.

Bingle, who split from cricketer Michael Clarke in March, said yesterday she was furious.

"I just have to have a sense of humour about it, because it's not even a real photo," she said.

"They've taken two separate shots, doctored the images, then photoshopped them together to make it look like we're standing next to each other.

"I can't believe they would actually go to that much effort, but there you go."

Bingle has been seen leaving Anthony's home several times in the past month, but the model strenuously denies they are an item.

Bingle is dressed in Thai fisherman's pants and a black singlet top, and her hair looked freshly washed. But she insisted she had never slept at Anthony's house or showered there.

Anthony had become a close friend and the pair spent a lot of time together, Bingle said.

"No, Dion and I are officially not an item," she said. "We're just good friends and nothing more. I'm very single and very happy right now."

When Bingle split from Clarke, she travelled to New York to escape public scrutiny.

She recently paid $880,000 for a modest Darling Point apartment and is living with her mother in Sydney's south until she moves in.

"About the picture, all I can do is laugh - what other choice do I have?" she said.

Grazia managing editor Jane Davies refused to discuss the manipulated photographs. "Our comment is that we stand by the story," Davies said.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Date: 26th September 2010