Lara Bingle's lawyers have released a statement involving the settlement reports since the break up of Bingle and Clarke.

Reports suggested on Tuesday that Bingle's mother encouraged the 22-year-old to go for a seven-figure settlement following her break-up with the Australian cricket star.

The settlement would include the value of her Aston Martin and $200,000 engagement ring and lawyers were "thrashing out" the payout behind closed doors, the article said.

But in a statement released through her lawyer Patrick George, Bingle has said the claims are "offensive and defamatory".

"Lara's lawyers do not, as reported, have and have not had any instructions to battle for Michael's millions," Mr George said in the statement.

"Michael and Lara resolved their property arrangements amicably some time ago and remain good friends.

"The suggestion that Lara is being encouraged by her mother to pursue Michael's money is offensive and defamatory.

"These baseless stories are hurtful and damaging, and it is time Lara and her family were left alone and allowed to move on."

Clarke's camp confirmed the matter had been dealt with privately.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Date: 10th June 2010