Lara Bingle has opened up about life after her break-up ex-fiance Michael Clarke, saying it's been tough coping with the emotional turmoil and public scrutiny.

"It's been tough, yeah it's been tough," Bingle told the Today Show this morning.

And she didn't seem phased by the uncertainty surrounding her future after a series of career set-backs recently, saying she simply tried not to think about it.

"I try not to worry too much," she said.

Despite doubts over her popularity among the fashionistas at Rosemount, Bingle said she was enjoying her role as roving video reporter with Harpers Bazaar.

In a black leather jacket worn over a grey marle draped dress (all Camilla & Marc, natch)

“I’m just so excited to be working for Harper’s Bazaar and to be able to present my view of how I see fashion and who my favourite designers are,” she said. “I’m not going to every show but I am going to the ones my friends are doing.” Needless to say Camilla and Marc fall into that category.

"I just want to work. I'm really happy at the moment," she said.

"I'm trying to do my job, and being given that chance is really exciting for me."

Asked about her credentials for such a high-powered journalistic role, Bingle just said clothes were her passion.

"It's what I love, I'm not opinionated about everything to do with fashion, but I love getting dressed up, I love wearing beautiful clothes."

Source: The Australian
Date: 4th May 2010