1. Michael Clarke has thanked his former fiancee Lara Bingle for her support along the way.

The Australian vice-captain was heavily criticised for leaving his teammates during the one-day series to attend to his drama-filled relationship with the swimsuit model.

After the couple broke off their engagement, Clarke rejoined the side just before the Test and yesterday showed his class with an undefeated century that helped Australia to 4-316 at stumps on the first day in Wellington.

At the end of the day's play, Clarke took the chance to defend Bingle.

"Lara has copped a lot of criticism over the last couple of weeks and it takes a very strong woman to be able to handle that," he said.

"It's respect to her and it's respect to my teammates to give me the time away I needed and then the opportunity to come back and make me feel so welcome back in the team."

"The support I've had from family, friends, teammates -- I've spoken to you guys about not wanting to talk about my personal life, but the support I've had from Lara as well has been tremendous.

"Without her and her support, I certainly wouldn't have been back over here. To my family and friends that have supported me and Lara, I thank them very much."

Source: The Australian
Date: 20th March 2010

2. Lara Bingle has been deciding whether to dump her controversial manager Max Markson.

In the wake of her break-up from cricketer Michael Clarke and a whirlwind media storm, Bingle has regained a sense of clarity.

The 22-year-old is close to ditching Markson, who is in Mauritius for a family friend's wedding, after advice from friends and family that the agent has ruined her career and cheapened her image.

"Lara is definitely considering dumping Max," one source told The Sunday Telegraph.

"She's not happy with how he's handled the whole thing and she is trying to work out what to do next."

Source: The Sunday Telegraph
Date: 21st March 2010

3. Model Lara Bingle is currently on a hunt for a new apartment.

She is flying overseas for a month-long holiday and is on the hunt for a new apartment said sources.

Bingle has engaged the services of McGrath Real Estate agents and accountant Anthony Bell to help her buy an apartment.

She is currently splitting her time between Michael Clarke's $6 million Bondi apartment and her friend Hermione Underwood's family home in Vaucluse.

"It's incredibly confidential - unfortunately, I can't talk," Mr Bell said yesterday when asked where Bingle was looking to buy.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph
Date: 21st March 2010

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