New details have emerged surrounding Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington’s rumoured wedding.

Australian magazines WHO and OK! are both reporting that the celebrity couple did indeed tie the knot late last month, saying ‘I do’ in a private ceremony in front of a handful of family and friends before New Year’s Eve.

A source “close” to the pair told WHO: “They married between Christmas and New Year in a very intimate ceremony,” adding, “They wanted it to be small and simple.”

The source added that Lara’s mum Sharon and her brother, Josh were among the loved ones present.

The magazine also claims the duo are expecting their first child in March.

It’s not known exactly where their secret wedding took place although many are reporting it all went down in the Maldives — a favourite holiday destination for the well-travelled pair.

If the rumours are to be believed and the pair did wed in secret, it’s not entirely surprising. Lara hinted that she might be about to take the next step with her beau in a Facebook post on Boxing Day: “As we long for the fresh beginnings that come with a New Year, I wish you a holiday season to remember. LBx.”

Then, on December 31 the model-turned-entrepreneur changed her name on Instagram to Lara Bingle Worthington, and fans were quick to pick up on the addition. She then shared a snap of her favourite poem I Carry Your Heart with Me by E.E Cummings. The cryptic photo was met with hundreds of congratulatory messages from her followers.

Earlier this week, the Avatar star was notably absent from the Sydney premiere of his upcoming film Paper Planes, with some suggesting that he might have been on his honeymoon. But then, given what we know about the introverted actor, it’s not out of character for him to shun a public event, even if he is the star attraction.

As for the persistent baby rumours that have been lingering since September, we’re none the wiser. She’s been spotted shopping for baby clothes at high-end boutiques in Paris and Hollywood and has been snapped visiting medical clinics in New York City. The source told WHO that Lara and Sam “wanted to be husband and wife before they baby's arrival,” which is said to be in March.

One thing’s for sure, while Aussie media has been having a field day playing what feels like the world’s longest guessing game, it would be fab to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth eventually.

Bingle, 27, and Worthington, 38, met in New York in September 2013 through mutual friend Natalie Imbruglia, and have been inseparable since.

Published Date: 8th January 2015


Lara Bingle has sparked fresh rumours she’s married Hollywood actor Sam Worthington by changing her name on social media.

The socialite now goes by the name Lara Bingle Worthington on Instagram and has posted an image of what looked like a poem with the caption, “My Favourite”.

“I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart),” it read. “I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling).”

Bingle, 27, and Worthington, 38, have been together since October 2013. She previously dated and was engaged to cricketer Michael Clarke.

Bingle has recently fuelled rumours of being pregnant.

The pair has also long been the subject of rumours they’ve secretly wed as far back as last January.

While Bingle is known for courting paparazzi and updates her every move on social media, Worthington is extremely private.

Source: The Daily Telegraph - Sydney Confidential
Published Date: 30th December 2014


Model and entrepreneur Lara Bingle — the beach babe and budding businesswoman — talks about her new skincare range and being true to herself.

How long has The Base by Lara Bingle, your range of tanning and skincare products, been in the works?

It all stemmed from me wanting to be the kind of woman who wanted to have it all to herself.

You know, own it and create it, rather than everyone doing it for you and then just putting your name to it.

I wanted to create something bigger than myself, and be able to genuinely talk about it and not have someone else write my notes for me.

I’ve been there, done that for so long, being the face of other companies.

It sounds like a mammoth task. How does one even start?

Yeah, I know, right [laughs].

It was a year in the making, and I look back now and I’m like, “How did I [start]?” You just kind of work out exactly what you want to do.

Over the years I’ve come across so many inspiring women and learnt so much that I’ve used all their knowledge.

I flew to Perth one day and met Andrea Bux, who created Invisible Zinc, and I was so inspired… Learning and listening to other people is really important.

What was the turning point, for you, from celebrity to entrepreneur?

I think you come to a place in your life where you’re done with all the stuff that, you know… I was quite bored [with] talking about my personal life, to be honest.

Like, I don’t even talk with my friends [about that], so when people would ask me [personal] things I’d be like, “Ugh.”

Do you feel it’s hard for you to be taken seriously as a businesswoman?

I think I’ve always had that struggle.

With social media these days, there’s no mystery – that’s gone out the window – and I like mystery. I’ve started to do things I really like now.

I’ve pulled back [from public life] and put out there who I actually am, rather than people doing it for me and creating this person that is not who I am.

What has been the major learning curve?

Knowing each and every dollar that goes in and out of your account [laughs].

Honestly, knowing the business side of things is really important to me, and that’s another reason why I started this.

I wanted to know how to create a business from scratch and then [work on] the creative side of things.

A subtle tan smell is tough, but you seem to have achieved it.

It’s not that bad… [takes the lid off].

You know what? It smells like a dough…

A doughnut, I know! Everyone says that. OK, that’s good.

I like doughnuts.

But this [tan] is good; I tested it on my boyfriend [actor Sam Worthington] for a few days, because he has pale skin.

Was there a moment when making this that you thought, “What am I doing?”

Day in, day out; it’s a constant. If you want to do something, do it right.

Or at least try. I tried super-hard, like, for over a year.

You spend a lot of time overseas. How often do you make it back to Australia?

I’m in Australia less and less; I’ve been here maybe three times this year.

I miss it.

It’s nice to be back to visit my family, but I fly them to come and visit [me].

The world is small.

I used to think it was really big when I was younger, but [everything] is just a flight away.

I love travelling; I’m a bit of a gypsy.

I just like to go everywhere and explore – and pack lightly [laughs].

As this is our annual party issue, how has your attitude towards attending parties changed over the years?

My attitude hasn’t changed.

I have never been a massive fan of attending a lot of parties – only the ones that have personal significance to me.

You mentioned earlier that you like to maintain a sense of mystery. Is this a new direction for you? You’ve been so public in the past.

One of the nicest things is to not know everything about someone or something, and the discovery [of it].

Although The Base is keeping you busy, what else are you working on?
[Pregnancy questions were off-limits, but that’s what we were wondering…]

I plan to do other projects under this brand, but that’s next year.

It’s just slow and steady, I think. Slow and steady wins the race.

The Base by Lara Bingle is available now. Visit

Source: Sunday Style
Published Date: 14th December 2014


For Immediate Release

It's all about The Base

Model turned beauty entrepreneur Lara Bingle officially unveiled her signature tanning and bronzing range The Base this week in Paddington's iconic refurbished Windsor Castle, Sydney.

Owned and created by Bingle, the inspiration behind The Base was to create a high quality and easy- to-use collection of bronzing and tanning products.

Media and guests spent the day at home and poolside with Bingle as she showcased the collection and shared her bronzing tips. Product highlights include The Base Body Glow Oil, for a rich chocolate shimmer and The “LB” Cream, a hybrid sunscreen, moisturiser, primer, concealer and foundation.

Smiths Organics provided a wholesome and beautifying array of fresh juices and smoothies. Guests snacked on Smiths’ signature raw sang choy bow, vegan sandwiches, fresh fruit platters and raw sweet treats including a chilli and goji brownie and organic lemon turmeric slice.
The range will be sold exclusively online at and consists of 8 must-have products
priced from AUS $12-39.

The Base now available for pre-order and the interactive website will include how-to's, e-shop and a blog.

The Base is your foundation to enhance your inner beauty and create a natural glow. Tan safely with The Base this summer.

Release Date: 21st November 2014


Lara Bingle is busy launching her brand of beauty and skin products, The Base, in Sydney this week. However, it looks like Bingle has bigger plans for the brand, confirming with POPSUGAR Australia that she intends to extend The Base's offering in 2015 with the launch of The Base swimwear.

"I've started doing some swimwear for The Base," Lara announced, adding, "I've just started the whole process of designing the collection."

Bingle fans won't be able to wear the model-turned-designer's bikini brand this Summer, with Lara confirming she is still a while off from launching the collection: "It's going to come out next Summer, and it will all be under The Base brand," she said.

This isn't the first time Lara has put her famous face and name to a swimwear brand. She collaborated in 2013 with Cotton On Body to launch a collection of separate swimpieces, made to mix-and-match. "I wore a lot of my Cotton On stuff, mostly the black and white pieces," Lara said, admitting she is considering keeping to an aesthetic that is similarly simple and minimalist within her new line: "I've started designing the first six pieces of swimwear, and they're all black," she said.

"I've always loved black, obviously you can't go wrong, but I think the construction and the material is also really important when designing swimear," Bingle began, adding, "I think the fit, definitely the material, the quality of the swimwear, and the construction is all important when finding flattering swimwear. You must know your own body, because everyone's different."

While we will likely still have a little while to wait until we get a first glimpse at the collection, Lara Bingle does deliver the beach babe shots all the time on her Instagram. So, keep scrolling to let Australia's ultimate Summer style-setter inspire your Summer.

Source: POPSUGAR Australia
Published Date: 19th November 2014