Lara Worthington will have an extra reason to celebrate Mother’s Day, with the model telling friends she is pregnant with her second child.

Just over a year since her first child Rocket Zot was born, Bingle Worthington’s friends say she has told them she is five months pregnant.

Now based in New York with her husband, 39-year-old Hollywood star Sam Worthington, Bingle is in Sydney to promote a perfume, J’adore, and to visit her family and tell those close to her the couple’s exciting news.

The 28-year-old appeared on TV this week, where she talked about her love of being a mum.

When asked whether another bub was on the cards, the newly private Bingle Worthington simply said: “I would love to have more children, definitely.

“There’s nothing that really sets you up or prepares you for motherhood then when it happens, it is something you just can’t compare.”

However, just as she never confirmed she was pregnant with her first, it’s expected Bingle Worthington will remain coy about this pregnancy as well. Her team did not return calls yesterday.

Requests for media interviews come with a proviso not to ask specifically if she is pregnant.

Bingle, who has changed her tune on revealing every aspect of her life, yesterday shared a rare snap of herself with husband Sam on social media.

She is also tipped to walk the red carpet at Thursday night’s InStyle and Audi Women of Style Awards, with all eyes expected to be on her barely visible but burgeoning baby bump.

Despite the demands of being a mum, Bingle has continued to promote her tanning range The Base.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 8th May 2016


Lara Worthington’s son Rocket Zot has just turned one but the wife of Hollywood hunk Sam is not ready to call it quits yet.

The glowing mum was on telling Sonia Kruger and Ben Fordham that becoming a parent was a major milestone in her life.

“There is nothing that really sets you upLara or prepares you for motherhood and then when it happens it is something that you just can’t compare,” Lara said.

“Rocket is the light of my life and I am just really happy to be a new mum.”

Since meeting Sam and having an altercation with a paparazzi the Worthingtons have kept a low profile even managing to stay under the radar for their wedding.

Lara spoke of her desire to take a step back from public life.

“I think with my life now and now that I have had rocket I am really big on the privacy thing,” she said.

“I was very young, I was very young (when) I grew up in the spotlight (but) people do change and once you have a family (privacy becomes more important).”

A clearly smitten Worthington gushed about her little boy and was proud to declare that he first walked at 10 months of age.

Lara refused to say whether her family would be moving back to Australia to live any time soon though.

“We do travel a lot and I feel like wherever our family is and being together is the most important thing,” she said.

“Places are all the same to me at the moment until we really anchor down.”

The big question of whether she would have more babies was emphatic yet evasive.

“I would love to have more children ... definitely ... in the future,” she said.

Lara was not saying when or if there was a timeline planned though.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 3rd May 2016


She has been taking to social media of late to provide her thousands of adorning fans with an insight into her very private life.

And on Thursday Lara Bingle - nee Worthington - shared an intimate image of herself with her son paying tribute to Rocket Zot, on his first birthday.

'1 year of this angel. Thank you, Universe!,' the 28-year-old captioned the black and white picture, which depicted her topless and cradling the cherubic tot in her arms.

The doting mum was also seen giving her little lad a kiss on his head as he snuggled into her arms.

Lara appeared to be makeup free and sporting her signature blonde bob in the special birthday post.

A day earlier, Lara shared a rare picture of her Hollywood A-lister husband Sam Worthington and her brother Josh enjoying some downtime together.

Although the Australian beauty was not seen in the image, the group appeared to be having a good time as they kicked back outside under the balmy climes.

Source: Daily Mail Australia
Published Date: 24th March 2016


‘Love your hair’. Is the general verdict Lara Worthington received today on her new hairstyle from Instagram fans.

The model mum, 28, appears to have gone shorter than ever with her latest look.

Though she appeared unconvinced in the selfie posted from the bathroom and in which she appears to be naked up top.

The Aussie is enjoying a weekend in Venice, presumably with husband Sam judging by the rogue hand in the shot.

Fans were desperate to know which hotel she was staying in but Lara was giving no clues despite receiving 6,000-plus likes.

Lara has been in Europe with son Rocket, who is coming up for one now, and Sam, 39, who has been filming a sci-fi thriller, The Titan, in the Canary Islands.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 23rd March 2016


Lara Worthington has another big buff man in her life.

The mother-of-one is known to maintain her enviable physique via a pilates regimen and training outdoors, but she’s turned it up a notch with her new trainer, Rodney Johnson.

Unlike her previous trainer Michael Ryan — who is best known for working with Hugh Jackman — the self-described “fitness consultant, wellness coach, broadcast and print journalist” is not a celebrity PT.

Speaking to Beauticate, the model explained her workout regimen with the Atlanta-based Johnson, who she met through her husband.

“He was Sam’s trainer. My routine is all mat work. Lots of sit-ups and leg lifts at high repetition at a low weight, no more than five kilos.

“Sometimes when I’m in hotels I just use the gym and that’s all I’d really use, just five kilos and a towel.

“ I also have a leg routine, lots of dog lifts, kick backs, just all core and body work. I do it most days,” The Base by LB founder explained.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 7th February 2016