Lara Bingle couldn’t have been more secretive about her pregnancy if she had tried. Oh, sorry, she did.

She and Sam Worthington didn’t announce the happy news, kept her body totally under wraps and seemed to revel in teasing her fans with a few quite vague online posts.

There was a Gritty Pretty photoshoot, and of course the underwater black bikini shots from Palm Sands — not forgetting the odd showbiz mag cover taken from a moving car a kilometre away.

But however many followers stayed loyal during that slightly surreal nine months of her life have at last been treated to a classic baby-bump shot.

Bingle put up this shot of her photographing her belly in the mirror and revealed it was taken in London when she was 28 weeks gone.

The 27-year-old eventually gave birth in Cedars-Sinai Hospital LA in late March, even know we can’t be sure of the exact date.

What we do know is that she continued the rather out-there theme of modern celebrities by calling the little lamb Rocket Zot.

And she’s subsequently been happy to be photographed taking him out for a stroll around New York.

But starved as we were of baby-bump pictures, we can only hope for more to help us piece together a most mysterious pregnancy.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 20th May 2015


Lara Bingle Worthington has shared the first photo of her son just over a month after she gave birth to him, and also confirmed his arrival date: March 24, 2015.

Reports first emerged around that date that Lara and Sam Worthington had welcomed their first child, a boy they've named Rocket Zot, and overnight Lara posted a photo of little Rocket's feet on Instagram with the caption, "March 24th 2015 best day of our lives..."

Lara has previously spoken about (or tweeted about) her son when she explained his middle name, Zot, is "a respectful nod to my late father."

Source: PopSugar Australia
Published Date: 4th May 2015


Lara Bingle’s mother Sharon, who appeared on her reality show Being Lara Bingle, has expressed her delight at the arrival of grandson Rocket Zot.

Sharon Bingle posted on Instagram a message dedicated to little Rocket.

“A little bit of heaven drifted down from above,” she wrote.

“A handful of happiness, a heart full of love.”

Bingle who is now based in Los Angeles with her partner, or rumoured husband, Sam Worthington.

She last week confirmed on Twitter that she had given birth to Rocket Zot.

The middle name Zot is in honour of her late father Graham, who passed away in 2008 from liver and pancreatic cancer.

Ever since she started dating Worthington, Bingle has been unusually media shy.

No baby photos of Zot have been released to the media.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 15th April 2015


Lara Bingle has hit back at critics who ridiculed her for giving her newborn son an unusual name.

Bingle has taken to Twitter and Facebook today to explain the choice of her son’s middle name “Zot”, saying it is a tribute to her late father.

“My son’s middle name IS a respectful nod to my late father, whose nickname was affectionately, Zot,” the 27-year-old said in one of her posts.

Her father Graham died after a long battle with cancer in 2008.

The comments were in response to Daily Telegraph columnist Annette Sharp’s article Lara Bingle doesn’t care a zot for baby name traditions published today, talking about why Bingle and her partner, Australian actor Sam Worthington, chose to call their son Rocket Zot.

In the article, Sharp writes: “Zot, online urban dictionaries tell us, means to ‘zap, destroy, kill’ and, in Ontario, Canada, is a term used to define a spitball thrown at a ceiling.”

Bingle took aim at Sharp in a number of tweets and on Facebook to defend why the celebrity couple chose that name.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Published Date: 4th April 2015


“Avatar” actor Sam Worthington and model Lara Bingle gave birth to a baby boy in Los Angeles last week, but have kept mum on his name.

But sources tell us the little guy is heroically named Rocket Zot Worthington.

“Zot” is the nickname of Sam’s father, Ronald Worthington.

The notoriously private 38-year-old actor and 27-year-old blonde were reported to have been married in the Maldives around New Year’s Eve, and had been dating since September 2013.

Source: Page Six
Published Date: 1st April 2015